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What sacred is a patroness of rocket troops?

were formed on December 17, 1959 the rocket strategic forces (RSF) therefore this day became a professional holiday of soldiers - rocketeers. And at orthodox Christians on December 17 (on December 4 on old style) - day of memory of the Saint great martyr Varvara. This coincidence made Saint Varvara the heavenly patroness of rocketeers. In any rocket division at the command post there is the great martyr`s icon.

What is known of Saint Varvara? She was born in the 3rd century in Iliopole Finikiysk in a rich and notable family. Her mother died when the daughter was absolutely small, and the father Dioskor, the pagan on religion, protected Varvara as an apple of the eye, it had no other children.

When Varvara matured, became incredibly good herself. Believing that simple people are unworthy to admire such beauty, Dioskor ground Varvara in a high castle with magnificent chambers. The torn-off from people, young girl admired the nature from a high tower, admiring its beauty and harmony. Gradually she came to a conclusion that idols who are honored by the father, creation of hands human, and they could not suit the world so perfectly. The desire to know true God captured her soul.

But time to marry the girl came. The father in dreams saw the daughter the wife of the notable person, but heard resolute refusal of Varvara: she did not want neither to speak, nor to think of marriage. Dioskor was horrified, but allowed Varvara to leave the lock. The father hoped that and having seen the daughter, meeting different people as contemporaries marry, over time itself will wish to marry.

Having used permission of the father, Varvara got acquainted with Christians. New girlfriends told about Christ, about his victim, about eternal torment of sinners and pleasure of righteous persons much. Heart of the girl flared up with love to Lord Jesus, and soon Varvara hosted a sacred baptism. After a baptism the girl ignited a bigger love for God and vowed to keep the virginity in purity.

When Dioskor learned that his daughter became a Christian, he flew into a rage, got a sword and wanted to hit Varvara, but she left. The father pursued it and already almost overtook, but the way to them was unexpectedly blocked by the stone mountain. Then Varvara began to pray ardently, and there was a miracle: the mountain parted, in the formed pass hid the girl and at once took a former form. Cruel Dioskor inexpressibly was surprised. He long looked for the daughter and, at last, having found her in a cave, grabbed by hair and dragged home. Then it locked Varvara in the close room where long starved her.

In any way Dioskor could not reconcile to the fact that Varvara rejects pagan gods. Soon he brought concluded to the governor of the country Martian, told him everything and renounced the native daughter. Having seen before itself very beautiful girl, Martian began to convince Varvara not to disgrace the sort and not to ruin the blossoming youth. But the girl in reply began to glorify Jesus Christ. The governor was angered and enjoined to bare the virgin and to hammer with volovy veins, and then to conclude in a dungeon.

However all these tortures did not shake strong belief of the martyr Varvara. She prayed, hardly live from cruel tortures. And the Lord heard her prayers: it cured it of wounds, on a body of the girl there is no trace left also.

Next day the girl was subjected to new tortures: her body kryuchyam, opalyal with candles edges tormented iron, sosets cut off, nude drove on the city with a beating and mockeries. At last, Martian understood that he cannot incline Varvara to paganism, and condemned her on truncation by a sword. The zhestokoserdy father of Varvara became the executioner. After execution commission torturers received punishment from God at once: suddenly the thunder-storm burst, Dioskor with Martian were killed with blows of lightnings.

Relics of the Saint great martyr were stored at first in Iliopole, then in Tsargrad, and in 1108 were transferred to the city of Kiev where are still in Vladimirsky Cathedral. The set of wonderful healings came true from sacred relics. The great martyr Varvara is considered a patroness from sudden death, death without repentance and a participle.

On December 17 the Saint of the great martyr Varvara will read a feat Orthodox church. On December 17 - put RVSN. Whether incidentally these two days coincided? Or in it Divine Providence? The nuclear weapon is capable to destroy any enemy in only a few minutes, and here with modern paganism ( neo-fascism Neopaganism etc.) to fight much more difficult. But, having remembered history of Russia, it is possible to find the weapon to podstat nuclear is a belief which in the years of tests always helped our people to stand, win, be saved from spiritual death.