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What will draw to the citizen the conclusion independent voyenno - medical examination?

Subject How to otkosit from army? already set the teeth on edge, but from it did not stop being actual. Those who faced this problem had two ways of its decision: or the recruit had a real reason (as a rule, a disease), from - behind which he could not do military service, or the recruit, and most likely his parents, just gave a bribe to the necessary person and the problem was solved.

But in this article I want to tell that else can be made if the medical commission recognized the recruit suitable for service, and the recruit and his relatives at the same time consider that his health does not allow it to repay a debt to the Homeland. And reverse situation: if the military wishes to continue service, and doctors want to put the end to his pit. And the considered way is absolutely lawful and demands not such big material investments which officials got used to take for positive permission of this situation.

It is known that for carrying out of a verdict it is suitable or it is not suitable it is necessary to pass corresponding voyenno - the medical commission. So, what to do, if you do not agree with a verdict of such commission ?

In 1993 the Government reserved for citizens the right on independent voyenno - the medical commission. However this right could not almost be exercised, the Provision on independent medical examination was not claimed yet.

Today such Situation is accepted. In it it is said that independent examination will be carried out in the medical organizations having the license for implementation of medical activity providing also services in carrying out voyenno - medical and/or vrachebno - flight examination. That is, according to the petition from the citizen, or his lawful representative, at his disagreement with the conclusion voyenno - medical (vrachebno - flight) the commissions or with the conclusion of the medical examination of citizens which is carried out within work of the draft commission or the commission on statement of citizens on the military account, such citizen can exercise the right for independent examination which has to be carried out according to the order approved by the above-stated Situation.

The citizen is granted an option of expert establishment and experts. At the same time examination admits independent if the experts making it are not in job or other dependency from establishment or voyenno - the medical commission, making medical examination, and also from bodies, the organizations, the officials and citizens interested in results of independent examination.

The citizen should pay such examination from the pocket according to the contract signed with such medical institution.

But before the citizen has to submit the application in which he needs to specify the passport data and the reasons which formed the basis for the address. At filing of application the passport proving the identity is shown and also the copy of the conclusion voyenno - the medical commission, certified in accordance with the established procedure is put. It should be taken into account that in medical institution can request also other documents, for example, a medical record of the outpatient or data of a diagnostic testing and others.

Within five days from the date of filing of application, the head of expert establishment in writing has to inform the citizen on date and time of an appearance of the citizen (or his lawful representative) in expert establishment for coordination of terms of the contract and structure of experts. In the Contract indispensable conditions are the subject of independent examination, volume of laboratory, diagnostic and other testings, structure of experts, if necessary - carrying out additional surveys by doctors - experts, the rights, duties and responsibility of the parties, the list of the documents necessary for production of examination, and also terms of its production and terms of payment.

By results of the conducted medical examination within the signed contract, the expert - the curator makes out and signs representation on medical examination of the citizen with the detailed indication of all data of the examined, his lawful representative (at his existence), specifies data on the citizen`s relation to Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, to other troops, military formations and bodies, a military commissariat in which the citizen consists on the account, and also registers data of the experts conducting medical examination, specifies the reasons of carrying out independent examination, the considered documents etc. In this representation the pre-trial detention of independent examination and its justification is also drawn.

Medical examination is carried out internally at a meeting of the commission, in the presence of the citizen or his lawful representative, and also not less than two thirds of total number of experts. In need of the course of medical examination by experts medical examination of the citizen can be performed. The conclusion of the commission is taken out by open voting by a simple majority vote. At equality of votes the conclusion for which voted presiding over a meeting of the commission is deemed accepted.

In spite of the fact that the chance of carrying out alternative medical examination given to citizens has progressive character to judge efficiency still early. And all therefore, that the opinion of independent experts containing other point of view, than the conclusion voyenno - medical examination, is not the basis for recognition of the citizen or the serviceman suitable or not suitable for military service.

the Drawn independent conclusion only generates a duty of carrying out one more, repeated examination.