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What was looked for by Anenerbe in Nesvizhe?

1942. World War II. Nesvizh Castle. Deaf, gloomy, preautumn Belarusian night.

Around the lock - posts, sentries pace, tensely peering into blackness of park. Angrily branches of trees rustle, and it is pale - the pancake moon looks from height a spiteful eye. Suddenly - firing! The soldiers just grandly walking along a fencing run away, shooting back. Night fills with shouts, noise. One panic phrase is most often heard: Schwartz of Frau! - Black woman! .

From - for ancient the wood trunks covered with a moss the female figure comes up. Silently the long dress fluctuates, without uniform rustle small legs go, magnificent sleeves stood as if modeled from a stone. The woman lifts a small, graceful head, and black dead eye-sockets look from the tender face shining a moonlight.

It is Barbara Radzivill, the Black Lady of Nesvizh Castle, one of the best-known Belarusian ghosts.

But what is done by Juliette of the Belarusian Middle Ages in night park? Why frightens the German soldiers? Already the century it appears the messenger of misfortunes or as the observer of female morals and morality. So far nothing threatens Germans and there are no women in the lock to inspire in them rules of conduct.

Barbara`s ghost began to be to Germans at all not when they are proud conquerors - occupied the lock Radzivillov. The beauty the queen appeared along with Anenerbe`s agents who were in the lock.

Anenerbe - the notorious organization of mystical sense which was under Rosenberg`s patronage and personal control of Hitler. Anenerbe is not only a robbery of values and cultural heritage. Anenerbe went in for generally occult sciences and the corresponding relics. Anenerbe looked for the Ark of the Covenant and the Spear of Destiny (Longin`s spear, that which blow killed Jesus and on which, according to the legend, the Son Bozhyego`s blood remained). Anenerbe searched near Ryazan for a sword which owner - according to a legend - is impregnable in fight. This organization stretched the feelers worldwide, collecting the religious and mystical relics giving the power, allowing to operate people, guaranteeing a victory.

What interested Anenerbe in empty Nesvizh Castle? Let`s recede on a timeline a little more back.

... 1812. Napoleon`s army recedes, breaks with fights to France. After Moscow was left, it became clear to all - the emperor lost war, Russia once again won a victory.

Dominique Radzivill, the last from a sort, is forced to run together with French. Poland supported France in this war (Nesvizh was in the territory of Poland in those days) in spite of the fact that it is oath promised to be the ally of Russia. But Poles were at war in the French army, and the last from Radzivillov has to leave the patrimonial lock on favor of the winner.

But it Radzivill! And Radzivilla is a family of cruel, rigid, authoritative governors. Radzivilla never gave the, held the teeth and claws, pulling out from any eager hands - whether it be peasants or kings. And Dominique, being Radzivill, just could not leave though something valuable to hated winners.

All treasures, all values and relics Radzivillov were hidden before retreat. And there is a lot of treasures The sort Radzivillov became famous for extraordinary, fantastic wealth. In Belarus there is even an expression: radzivillovsky prodigality - this most reckless, thoughtless prodigality when money is wasted, and without the slightest regret.

Radzivilla covered palace roofs with sheet gold. Stanislav Radzivill, wishing to amuse the guests, arranged in the summer winter driving - the road for illusion of a snow covering was salted, and on it rode sledge. Taking into account that in those days there were no salt mines in Belarus, and salt was appreciated worth its weight in gold, to Stanislav it would be cheaper to cover the road with gold coins.

The treasure buried by Dominic Radzivill in 1812 is huge. The main relic of a sort Radzivillov - statues of twelve apostles is his part. Statues are entirely cast from gold and cost much more body weight in this precious metal.

Also numerous occult relics enter a treasure - many Radzivilla were fond of secret sciences, looked for dark knowledge, zhazhdy the authorities. Among radzivillovsky treasures there were also other objects representing huge value and usual for use of the Belarusian magnates of those times: church vestments, unbending from gold and jewels, bowls and patens, tiaras, various relics, like a particle of an original Cross, power of many Saints in precious arks And it apart from usual values: gold, silver, jewels, jewelry.

Originally the treasure was looked for in 1812 - right after capture of Nesvizha by the Russian troops. Rummaged all park of the lock, all adjacent territories - nothing. Treasure-hunters came back to the lock Radzivillov with an enviable regularity, almost the same as to the Semlevsky lake where on a legend Napoleon`s treasure is based.

Behind the same treasure was in Nesvizh Anenerbe. Statues of twelve apostles of cast gold did not allow to sleep to either Rosenberg, or Hitler. The relics hidden by Dominic forced the head Anenerbe to grit the teeth.

Germans combed with metal detectors nearly all Nesvizh. But the only thing that they found from old times - Barbara Radzivill`s ghost which is stubborn driving aggressors out of a patrimonial nest.

Perhaps, Barbara began to be to Germans just because did not wish to assume that a treasure Radzivillov fell into their hands? Say as if all treasures are protected by ghosts what to speak about a treasure Radzivillov! Especially as they have own patrimonial ghost, besides - the queen.

The treasure so still is also not found, and there are no instructions on its location. Only one is known: Dominique Radzivill really buried all patrimonial treasures and made it somewhere near the lock. But where? There is a question which someone from Ostap Bender`s descendants will answer sometime.

And sometime twelve gold apostles will see the light again. Whether Barbara Radzivill will be glad to it?