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What gifts are loved by Scorpions?

Scorpions (on October 24 - on November 22) are in power of elements Water. What different people are born under this sign! To take men - as if two types. One - secular, open, strong in spirit, will, acts rectilinearly, stops at nothing. Other type - his crafty fellow, works cunning and goes towards the aim always in a roundabout way. Many historic figures this sign - Ludovic the Eighteenth and Alexander Kolchak presented to us. Nestor Makhno and Alexander Menshikov. Mikhail Lomonosov and Voltaire.

Women - Skorpionsha are practically always attractive and attractive. The nature presented them with a subtle intellect and talents. Not only in spheres of science and art, but also on a love bosom. A scorpion - the most sexual sign. Their love is deep and strong. They are very skillful in love and passion.

After sex for the Scorpion gifts are on the second place. Nobody so loves gifts as Scorpions. If they do not wait for them from people around - do to themselves. For this purpose it is not necessary to wait for an occasion. Scorpions adore gifts without cause! And if someone missed their birthday or anniversary of a wedding - do not wait for mercy! The Scorpion by all means will get the sharp sting.

The scorpion loves all mysterious, with a mysteriousness crape. Therefore also the gift has to be well and is reliably packed. And it is better that it was several packings. As the Scorpion thought of this gift will languidly raise! As will long open this packing, to enjoy and delay minute of voluptuousness Most likely, he will make it all alone. Be ready that at you the gift will not receive praises and approval, it will not even be opened. Not from - for neglects but because the Scorpion does not need the audience in his theater of pleasures.

Gifts with a hint on intimacy and any erotic features quite will be suitable for close and favourite Scorpions. Smart linen, romance novel. The same as sex, they love secret. Therefore the new detective or the telescope will quite satisfy your Scorpion.

Scorpions are hazardous. True adrenalinshchik. Therefore they will apprehend the subscription in club of hand gliding or the personal plane with delight. Even the hazardous computer game will be mastered until there pass all cycles.

Scorpions are prudent. If nothing original occurs to you - safely give them money, they too with pleasure will accept them. In their talented head there are thousands of options of use of any sum. If present them the share capital or liquid bonds - they oochchenn will be happy.

Scorpions are charming. Present them only their aroma bearing notes of wild flowers and the attracting citrus, the melissa tickling a nose and a spicy smell of a carnation. It their tone and shades.

The emerald and chrysolite, turquoise and pomegranate are stones - mascots of the Scorpion. Dressed in precious metals, they will bring a lot of joy to a beautiful Scorpion.

Externally unperturbable, they are volcanoes of passions. Jealousy, greed and envy, alas, other party of a stable Scorpion. Do not awake in it an animal! The poisonous sting neatly achieves the objectives.

They are great toilers, always go deep into, try to obtain everything the work. Gifts which they deserved have to become confirmation of their labor feat. It will be healthy if to the main gift you add a medal or the diploma. Even playful. Will remember well!

Women - Skorpionsha adore flowers. Any. Their birthday is the share of a cold season, fresh cuts are already rather expensive therefore they think of each bouquet so much.

Gifts for the man have to bear information on his force. The sports exercise machine, the book about great opening. Collection weapon. Real armor.

Scorpions - sweet teeth. And, if the figure allows, with pleasure will accept in gift a smart set of candies or the chocolate fountain.

Scorpions attach to the personality very great value. Accompany them in it. Present the embroidered picture or a gold sign in the form of the Scorpion. Write the poem or make a cheerful photocollage where the skorpioshka will be Napoleon or Peter I. Maria Antuanneta or Zhanna D`Ark. The romantic Scorpion will store such masterpieces of local production eternally!

The most important - do not give banalities, it you will not be forgiven by any representative of zodiac sign!

And what gifts are loved by Lions, Maidens, Scales, Sagittariuses, Capricorns, Aquarius Fishes, Arieses, Tauruses, Twins and Cancers?