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What secret hides Mountain of Dead persons ?

Ya - the big lover of active recreation. And still I am attracted by all mysterious and inexplicable. A few days ago I returned from small travel across Central Ural Mountains. Tourists are people incredibly interesting, with a huge stock of the intriguing stories. And somehow in the evening, sitting at a fire, one of mine the acquaintance told a story about one backpacking. History about notorious Dyatlov`s Pass .

In the North of Sverdlovsk region where crystal-clear inflow of Lozva - Auspiya`s river originates, there is a mountain about which know many now - Holat - Syakhyl. The mountain of Dead persons, on - Mansi. According to the legend, on it once - long ago - the whole group of Voguls died (so called Mansi earlier). As it occurred and why, nobody knows probably already. However old residents connect the chilling name with that old tragedy.

But in February, 1959, the mountain Holat - Syakhyl confirmed again the sad right to be called this terrible name - near it, on gentle east slope of the mountain Otorten, under mysterious circumstances the group of tourists of the Ural State Technical University died. The consequence did not manage to establish true causes of death.

Them was nine: Igor Dyatlov is the head of group, Lyudmila Dubinina, Alexander Kolevatov, Zinaida Kolmogorova, Rustem Slobodin, Yury Krivonishchenko, Nicolai Thibaut - Brinyol, Yury Doroshenko, Alexander Zolotarev. At first everything went according to the plan. The group left Sverdlovsk by train in Serov, from there - in Ivdel, then in Vizhay, and, at last, in 2 - y the Northern settlement. There, in the settlement, they got up on skis and went to the campaign to the mountain Otorten who was a main objective of a route of

In the night of February 2 Dyatlov Holat - Syakhyl decided to establish tent on a mountain slope. The group was located on a lodging for the night. Further - only conjectures, searches and... uncertainty... Long time in Sverdlovsk was waited by messages on return of group of Dyatlov to Vizhay. Did not wait. Began search. At first - unsuccessfully, but on February 26 one of search divisions, at last, found tent of dyatlovets.

It is surprising that in it there were almost all things of tourists: blankets, backpacks, tarpaulins, trousers and many other things. Right there found products. From the subwindy party the tent was cut (as it became clear later - from within). Below tent throughout 500 meters the traces conducting in the wood and to the valley of the fourth inflow of Lozva remained. Traces of eight - nine people. Some went without footwear.

At distance of one and a half thousand meters from tent, under a huge cedar, searchers found the fire remains. And right there - the first corpses. Near a campfire lay undressed to underwear of Krivonishchenko and Doroshenko. In three hundred meters from a fire - Rustem Slobodin`s corpse, further - Zina Kolmogorova`s body. They stiffened in dynamic poses as though went to tent and fought against wind. Igor Dyatlov reclined - polusidet, embracing a hand a trunk of a small birch. All five - on the first impression, died of overcooling.

However, Rustem Slobodin had a noticeable crack of the arch of a skull.

below a fire towards the valley of one of inflows of Lozva under thickness of snow in 4 - 4,5 meters found Only on May 4 Dubinina, Zolotarev, Thibaut`s corpses - Brinyol and Kolevatov. Except Kolevatov, severe injuries, incompatible with life are found in all, and Dubinina had no language. On all corpses there were very few clothes, many without footwear, most likely, from tent tourists ran in panic, perhaps, carried wounded companions.

And one more riddle: skin at all had a strange orange shade, and on clothes experts found excess of a radiation background many times. Hair at all - turned gray. The consequence on criminal case about death of group of tourists was shortly closed with a conclusion: force majeure which people were not able to overcome " was a cause of death;. And all

the Pathologist Maria Ivanovna Salter opening bodies reports that they looked very strange. On faces terrible expression of horror and bewilderment stiffened. It was impossible to look at them. From all pathologists took a subscription about nondisclosure of results of opening. Even so many years later the doctor reluctantly shared the classified information.

According to messages of locals, in 1961, when climbing the bewitched mountain nine more tourists, now from Leningrad died. The picture of their death was surprisingly similar to previous. The same tents which literally are cut to pieces from within, which were running up in different directions people and lack of any traces on snow. Besides, in 1960 - 1961 nine people died in plane crashes near the mountain Holat - Syakhyl in total too.

Some of versions of mysterious death of group: tests of the exotic weapon, rocket version, nuclear explosion, yeti, avalanche, infrasound... It is not excluded that the solution of the incident is connected with an UFO phenomenon. Locals and ufologists note unusual activity of unknown objects in these parts. The investigations made by scientists and journalists on grief of dead persons allow to draw a conclusion that people faced in this place really something extremely unusual and dangerous.

The graduate of UPI and the tourist, the tutor of scouts of Kirovsky district of Yekaterinburg Yury Kuntsevich puts forward the scary version of death of dyatlovets at all. Kuntsevich draws a conclusion that dyatlovets did not put tent on the pass at all, and spent the night in wood border. Heard explosion at night. Went in the afternoon to be curious. Faced on the pass the " team; cleaning who arrived on the helicopter to look at results of tests and to pick up around everything that could remind of them. And here excess eyes and ears.

The order follows: to destroy! And cleaners execute this terrible command.

needs only to dramatize natural death Further: to put tent on a naked slope, to cut it from within, to outline in it for the sake of appearance a little equipment, even to put a dinner... It, at all improbable cruelty, could be, it appears: and in the late sixties rocket tests were absolutely confidential, and at the beginning of 1959 - go - and even less so...