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What is a special signal and in what case deprive of the rights? Part 1

Toughening of requirements regarding installation of light and sound special signals on vehicles forced most of drivers to remove earlier installed devices, but not all acted this way. Also did at the same time absolutely right thing. Not everyone, let and similar to the description in the Administrative Code and others is standard - legal acts, the device in the subsequent can become the reason of initiation of proceedings about an administrative offense.

Sanctions for installation of special signals are provided by article 12. 5 Administrative Code, namely part 3: Driving on which forward part light devices with fires of red color or retroreflective devices of red color, and equally light devices, color of fires are installed and which operating mode do not conform to requirements of basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and obligations of officials for traffic safety - attracts deprivation of the right of control of vehicles for a period of six months till one year with confiscation of the specified devices and devices.

In the list of malfunctions and conditions under which operation of vehicles is forbidden it is specified that treat those:

- on the vehicle are established: in front - fog lights with fires of any color, except white or yellow, indexes of turn with fires of any color, except yellow or orange, other light devices with fires of any color, except white, and retroreflective devices - any color, except white;

- quantity, type, color, an arrangement and an operating mode of external light devices do not conform to requirements of a vehicle design.

In the explanatory dictionary of Russian of Ushakov it is specified that the device is a device, the device for production of some work. Light - the radiant energy perceived by an eye and making world around available to sight, visible. The illuminant - the device containing the elements necessary for fastening, connections and protection of lamps.

Proceeding from it, the concept light " device; reveals as the device containing the above-stated elements and at the same time the reproducing light.

Now we will consider on the most frequent example - installation of lamps of blue or other color in headlights of the car and the subsequent involvement of the citizen to administrative responsibility. As the proof confirming impossibility of involvement of the citizen to administrative responsibility according to Art. 12. 5. the p. 3, serves the addressing the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences, and also to oneiromancy and the concepts presented in standardly - legal acts.

Considering structure of article, we come to an exception of the facts :

- on forward part of the car light devices with fires of red color are not installed, as well as there are no retroreflective devices of red color;

- light devices which color and an operating mode does not correspond to Basic provisions according to the admission of vehicles to operation. In this formulation the circumstance under which the structure of an administrative offense according to the p. 3 of Art. 12 is formed is accurately specified. 5, namely, color and " mode;.

Addressing structure, it is necessary to understand that discrepancy on color and an operating mode means. In Russian the " unions; and or have accurate value at which the " union; and designates accession, set, and the " union; or - alternative, difference. Thus, to qualify violation according to the p. 3. Art. 12. 5 it is possible only in case of single coincidence : color of fires does not correspond and the mode of their work also does not conform to requirements.

In the case described above with installation of lamps there did not correspond only color of fires. The mode of their work corresponded to the set operating mode. In GOST it is specified that light has to be constant, as is available on the car. Thus, the motivation part of article is inapplicable to a responsible offense. It is possible to agree that such actions the driver violates requirements imposed to a car design, however. To a design - yes, though it also is disputable, but this violation has no relation to the p. 3 of Art. 12. 15. Proceeding from case papers becomes clear that the inspector initially incorrectly qualified violation.

When business concerns repeaters of a signal of turns or lamps of indexes of turn, in that case installation of lamps of white color instead of put yellow or orange often meets. Existence of such lamps cannot be the basis for involvement of the citizen on 12 at all. 5. 3 Administrative Code. However, so far as concerns repeaters of the index of turn, it is necessary to consider that such indexes are directed, respectively, to the right and to the left of the car.

I pay your attention and to that fact that the revealed malfunction about which there was a speech in two described cases gives in to instant elimination directly on the road: the lamp can be removed and replaced with a lamp of the necessary color. Thus, there is no sense to forbid further operation of the vehicle.

Often judges do not pay due attention to consideration of case papers and are based on what in the protocol is specified by the inspector. Thus, if the inspector specified that on the car of the offender the light device is installed, then it is assumed as a basis according to which, being guided by the Administrative Code, and the relevant decree is issued. In this case, carrying out the protection, it is necessary to be guided as by the made protocol with the deep analysis of the being described in it and events of an offense, and on the confiscated devices.

The lamp by definition is not the light device, and is a light source or an element of the light device which existence provides functioning of the device. At the same time in the Administrative Code it is not specified that qualification of violation according to Art. 12. 5. 3 Administrative Code it is also provided also for installation of the lamps giving red or other light in already available light devices. Pay attention : in the devices provided by manufacturer!

At the same time it is absolutely unclear how the inspector defines light reproduced by a lamp or the device. A range very big therefore objectivity of the conclusion of the inspector that light was red or blue, but not orange or blue without the corresponding examination cannot be confirmed or disproved. Therefore, it is necessary to insist on carrying out such examination.

We will note that for attraction according to Art. 12. 5. 3 The Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences the above-stated violations have to be allowed by on forward part of the " car; , and understand as these parts of the car: " apron; front bumper, front grille, cowl, windshield, headlights, forward wings. Thus, this norm is entered in order that the moving car did not create hindrances and obstacles to other vehicles, for example, regarding installation of fires of red color designating the back dimensions of the car, stroboskopny devices making impression of the car of special services.

In the following part we will continue consideration of this question and we will concern deliberate installation of special signals for which it is not necessary to bear responsibility, and also we will deal with other chances. See you again!