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Who was drunk too much by Pushkin`s hero? The Russian Lassal of

the Rollicking phrase of the general of the French army Lassal that the hussar who lived to 30 - any more not the hussar, and so, the rubbish, became not only the talk of the town, but also the guide to action and the motto not of one generation Russian the hussar. And not only the hussar, in effect

that the spirit of a gusarstvo, the phenomenon which is given rise in Hungary and a past through many countries was closest exactly to the Russian culture, is written long ago. This spirit is close to the Russian mentality, it became its integral part. Why so occurred - a difficult question, let understand.

We bragged of alcoholism; I drank too much the nice Burtsov sung by Denis Davydov - itself the character of the story of Pushkin " brags; Shot . Who this nice Burtsov and of whom Denis Davydov sang?

It is amazingly poorly known of Burtsov (Burtsev) Alexey Petrovich. And he was named the Russian Lassal. Taking into account that the French general was unprecedentedly and is desperately brave, making the numerous feats in all military campaigns of the French army, and itself worried only for four years taken away by him term it must be assumed that also Alexey Petrovich did not concede to it in impudence and fearlessness. Just like that would not call, it is obvious.

Contemporaries considered Burtsov not only the man of courage and rubaky, but, as well as it is necessary, the most great idler and the most desperate debauchee. It is no wonder what was considered to drink too much of it impossible. He was born allegedly in 1783 in Lipetsk, in a noble family. His father was a chief of police, sent the son to serve as it is necessary. There was also Alexey Petrovich, the captain of the Belarusian Hussars, the colleague and Denis Davydov`s drinking companion.

Burtsev, you are a hussar of hussars!

You on an ukharsky game

the Most cruel of

I waste the equestrian in the war!


As well as it is necessary to the hussar, in time, free from military service, Burtsov danced a mazourka to an upad, composed verses to the loved Pole (who, however, in Russian did not understand the word, but unless it is important?) and, of course, did justice to strong drinks.

For God`s sake, a tube give!

Put bottles before us!

of All equestrians call

With the twirled moustaches!

Burtsov, brother! that during a feast!

Punch cruel! The chorus rattles!

Burtsov, I drink your health:

Be, the hussar, is drunk and full a century!


Heroically Burtsov in Patriotic war 1812 battled, it was seriously injured, but survived. And here in a year during a foreign campaign of 1813 concluded in strong podpitiya a foolish bet: ran from everything to run into a village fence and shattered to itself a skull Alexey Petrovich a symbol of fearlessness, impudence, recklessness and willfulness became

For many years. Made dashing acts: rescued the bride from a wedding if learned that she is married against the will. It was known also for unselfishness, could give the last gold chervonets to the stranger. He became an example for imitation in the true man`s friendship - as the youth in gallant hussar verses wanted to remain!

And Burtsov`s father lived 100 years. The son had every chance and. However it is not necessary to the hussar so long...