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Ancient art of a permanent make-up

Very ancient skill - a tattoo

History of drawing a tattoo takes 10 thousand years at least. The tattoo - one of the most ancient art forms, it was everywhere, but say that the tattoo originates in the people inhabiting Polynesian islands. Excavation is understood that our ancestors who do not have still speech communication changed information by means of images. After someone for the first time represented on the body not the symbol bearing any information, and quite neutral pattern, a permanent make-up became art.

Tattoos covered bodies of peaceful and aggressive tribes and members of many sects in due time. Soldiers did a tattoo for intimidation of the opponent, and the woman - to allocate the delights. Then began to apply drawings on itself popular among elite. Bodies of writers, artists and even approximate reigning decorated plain patterns, drawings of flowers and animals.

Revolution forced many people to change the attitude toward art in general, and to a permanent make-up, in particular. At us in the country in the next 70 years the tattoo became art ambiguous, disputable and forbidden. There was it only in camps and prisons. Prison artists put various drawings to the cellmates, applying at the same time improvised materials. The subject was used strictly following laws of thieves, and quality of a tattoo was rather doubtful. And again, as there are a lot of centuries ago, tattoos turned into a data carrier. Knowing they reported about the status of the person in criminal hierarchy, his relation to the power and the law.

For these years abhorrence to the tattooed body was formed.

The fashion on a permanent make-up in our country revived enough recently. In the large cities and small villages specialized salons in which real masters do piercing and quality tattoos generally to youth opened.

It is not necessary to treat values of a tattoo very seriously. In different places value of the same image can speak differently. Pay attention to the main styles of a tattoo better.

The most ancient style traybl is considered. Black patterns in style traybl were applied on skin as peculiar mascots and charms. Style seltik originates in Scandinavia, it consists of an interlacing of the knots concluded in an ornament. It is the most popular style of Vikings.

The high tech - biomechanics became absolutely new, but already rather popular style. The interlacing of bones, ridges, muscles, the broken-off skin, wires and nuts is peculiar to this style. Agree, very unusually and extravagantly. Samurais and masters of kuna - faugh had popular east style assuming the image of mysterious signs, sharp-toothed tigers and firedrakes. Portraits of people, images of animals, insects, snakes with the added shadows and penumbras - all this realism, absolutely new style of a tattoo.

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