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New Year`s masked ball in Texas? Surely!

Despite the USA, did not lose passion...

From a song of Gogol Bordello group.

The next New year came, and we with the best friend began to think of that, to have fun as if with value, but not just to drink - to have a snack.

The American tradition - at midnight to fall out on the yard in ridiculous caps and to play the pipe pipes - somehow not really answered our mysterious Russian souls. It seemed somehow melkovato... Therefore we decided that we will arrange a masked ball! With prizes and awards.

Prizes and awards were such - three prizes for the best suit: " champagne bottle; Widow Clicquot for the first place, a " champagne bottle; Tottinger for the second and a " champagne bottle; Freixenet for the third. The decision - anonymous vote of all present guests (and my friend is less, than 30 people on parties do not collect).

I began to think feverishly. I will honestly tell that I prefer champagne to all other wines, but also - I am very hazardous at heart. So, it is given: I and my American husband. It is necessary: to create pair of suits - the hands, of course - to win more champagne and to blow the mind of guests at a New Year`s party!

Here I should make some retreat in the past. Still when I was the child, namely in the fourth class, mummy dressed up me on a New Year`s ball the devil... All other girls were snowflakes or princesses, and I was the devil! In a black mask from a mamochkiny stocking, with the sewed beard and moustaches from astrakhan fur, with horns from plasticine. The suit completed a tail with the wire inserted into it so I could twirl by it, and a black training suit. Nobody recognized me, and I won the first prize!

After that with sixth on the tenth class I was Baba-yaga - the same idea, but a stocking of corporal color with a nose and a wart, a sundress from a potato bag, a hump and the broom.

By the way, having arrived to America, I continued every Halloween women - ezhiny tradition, only now I was called a witch. But there was a wish for something the newcomer and the husband it was necessary to dress up somehow... Not a Baba-yaga!