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Whether it is necessary to read summaries to medicines? Whether

Everyone reads the summary to the medicine prescribed by the doctor?

- the Strange question, - you will tell.

- Why it? - will ask others.

- Of course! - the third will answer.

The people having though some relation to medicine as that: treatment of relatives in the period of cold, a semester of medical preparation during study in higher education institution, physicians in a sort, - quite often summaries nevertheless read. Or do not read, knowing properties of a concrete preparation, its dosage, contraindication on teeth .

Not so long ago I had to face that even the experts of the highest category who are regularly passing retraining can not consider some very important nuances, appointing this or that preparation.

I concretize: at us to all pregnant women on the spot recently appoint verapamil for support of work of heart. Tabletochki small. At first I without attention ran the summary eyes, having decided that is more visible to the doctor - one of the best experts in the city. When soon my pressure, (hypotonic) normal lowered, began to hint at the absolutely deplorable state, I paid to it attention of the doctor and got advice to half a dose . Did not help, and I got into the Network to read the instruction for application of a preparation large letters because my term assumed absent-mindedness, typical already for pregnant women.

And in the summary the following was found:

Contraindications... arterial hypotension... pregnancy, lactation period... I stopped taking the Pill now.

Over time this not palatable moment was forgotten and here an ill luck: the same expert appointed to me parlodet (bromokriptin) for Prolactinum secretion suppression. I will explain: to women it is appointed when it is necessary to stop production of milk or to restore a menstrual cycle and an ovulation.

On courses of future mothers explained to us that to draw a breast extremely harmfully! Having read the instruction for application of a preparation, I saw nothing especially terrible in the parlodel. Probably, the hardened burning breast played a role - and just imagine, it was necessary to happen, ask day off for the help there is no place!

And parlodet in a drugstore it appeared. Nausea and/or vomiting (the most frequent side effects) it did not cause, and I spent on drink the appointed course though I did not raise a dosage from a half of a tablet - somewhere was fainted from whole. Again the aunt missed. And I both growth small, and weight. It was necessary to reduce in proportion a dosage, and my doctor did not think of it. And the patient herself did not guess - not before was.

Literally just found in the Internet - consultations information that it is necessary to begin reception of a parlodel with 1/4 tablet (0,625 mg) and better at supper, gradually (once a week) raising a dose! In my paper instruction one and a half years ago this line was not as is not present both in this, and in this instruction too.

With a consequence of overdose parlodet, perhaps, extremely atypical which I will hold back, I fight still and I trust in a positive effect of this fight. So read instructions to your children appointed to you, and especially, drugs. The doctor can miss or you suddenly remember that you forgot to tell the doctor some important trifle. For example, about allergic reaction to preparation components at you, at someone from the immediate family; some indicative episode from the childhood (for example, you did not sleep from a Dimedrol, and began to run and jump - means, this preparation will not allow you to fall asleep on doctor`s orders when it is required).

Ask the attending physician questions about specification of a dosage even if these questions will seem to you silly, reason. It is better to seem the fool, than to pay health for others oversight. From abundance of patients, happens, the doctor`s eye it is hackneyed as at any expert working very hard. Do not hesitate to ask analog of a preparation or to go to other doctor. As a last resort ask council the pharmacist - the druggist. Happens that in a drugstore it is possible to get much more competent advice, than at the district doctor.

For example if at you the voice was gone, then the hot (not burning) milk with a spoon of honey and/or butter will help if there is no allergy. This recipe helped me to be restored quickly, and the pharmacist of the next drugstore recommended it (in our epicure). By the way, I heard more than once how she gave effective advice to other buyers. Milk is better tablets, the truth? And it it was not important, you buy something after its consultation or not.

However be on the alert if in response to the specifying questions offer you just more expensive preparations, speaking: Yes, here still this preparation, import, too for cough, application for children from the birth " is possible;. Such worker of a drugstore just seeks to increase revenue for the change. And the preparation can be too strong and do much harm - it is very dangerous. It is worth listening if you about it are spoken by any mummy from turn. Also be not surprised if benevolent the pharmacist will ask whether that has a medical education. You should not rely on the price where glycyrrhiza root syrup for 27 rubles and mustard will help with socks. Trust including intuitions, but check and good luck!