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How it is correct to lay down and rise?

Human life is arranged so that it needs time for a dream. Moreover, this time makes a third of our life. A dream in itself very interesting thing, and it should be able to be operated.

Ordinary, the person needs 8 - 9 hours. It is possible to reduce this time quietly till 5 o`clock, it is as if wild did not sound. And in special divisions, in army etc. on special military system time is reduced even to three. It is difficult, the privilege of professionals probably the barracks are necessary. But we, ordinary people, will stop at five o`clock. For this purpose just you lay down every day for five minutes later. Stop every time when you feel a sleep debt, but only do not increase dream time. As in kindergarten, strictly observe the mode. Two - three months here of such here trainings, and you are surprised, how easily it left.

Better to fall asleep, do for the night a contrast shower . Not warm, hot and not ice (you, most likely, not a walrus), contrast. This procedure will calm you and will deprive at least of physical discomfort, type of dirt and sweat.

is the most useful to Lay down on a back, it does not prevent breath and work of heart. If you got used to fall asleep on one side or a stomach, give several days to get used to other pose at falling asleep - on a back. As soon as the result is achieved, you pay attention to that at once, will be how less desires to roll in a bed in the morning after awakening.

East wise men noticed still long ago that it is necessary to sleep the head on East . This simple truth was also supported in Ancient Egypt, at tribes of Gauls and the Novgorod Slavs, Normans. Modern scientists maintain century wisdom, and explain it with magnetic waves of our brain.

Do not drink any stimulators of a REM sleep for the night at all. You will throw out all tablets and sleeplessness medicines. At most, if you in a tension, drink tincture of a pustyrnik or mint. And do not accept alcohol at all, and that in the morning will not want to get up simply, for the known reasons.

In general it is excellent if you open a window leaf , even in the winter. Air in the room has to circulate, be saturated with fresh oxygen, providing a brain as it is possible big nutritious material. But be not overzealous not to wake up next morning with cold or cough.

You should not be wrapped up also too strongly in blanket which, by the way, has to be easy, but spacious. The it is less on a clothes body, the better therefore try to refuse habitual pajamas. Doctors say that the person wakes up much quicker and easier if to keep feet of legs in an easy prokhladtsa - that is outside a blanket.

It is possible to fill up under music , but you should not abuse, as well as to do big loudness. Choose either instrumental music, or nature sounds, in particular noise of the sea. It is ideal if the sound is disconnected approximately in half an hour as soon as you fall asleep. The brain has to have a rest as much as possible during a dream.

Also remember (!) before going to bed do not load yourself problems, think of something pleasant, of a family, friends and of those joy which will be brought by tomorrow.

But not here - that

So most of people was arranged that in the morning they, apparently, want to sleep even more than before going to bed. No matter, owl, lark or pigeon. Who does not want to roll about in any morning in a bed and to luxuriate some more minutes.?

So, we will begin with the simplest. If you wake up on alarm clock , stand the poor creature in a far corner of the room, at the same time having barricaded so that it will be necessary to try that to get it and not to do a lot of noise and damages. So you will adjust a sleepy brain for at least simple linear work.

Perfectly, now you are able to think. Now to remove desire to lay down immediately in a bed - drink off a glass of cold water which you prepared on a bedside table still last night. The tone easy short steps ran on a body. Fast turn on the tape recorder (the computer, the audio system, radio) and enjoy the loud incendiary music flowing from there ! Approach a mirror, look at the sleepy mug, and smile to yourself through a veil of the leaving dream. Day has to begin with a smile.

Now get up on small charging - warm up tired muscles. Begin with massaging of the person, and then at full scale - a neck, shoulders, hands and td. That not only to wake up, but also to strengthen health, it is necessary to carry out rather long charging for 15 - 30 minutes, with the full calculation and a full set of exercises. The ideal option is a jog on the street, about 2 - 5 km, with gradual increase in distance and speed. On the street - power exercises. If the reservoir is near, some time can be found for swimming Terribly? Well, stop on simple occupation.

As soon as finished with sport, run in a shower, begin with cool, smoothly passing into contrast. It has to wash away finally from you the dream remains, and you in good vigorous mood can go to work or study.

Well, that`s all, dreams pleasant to you and easy awakenings! Good luck!