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Whether two original poets can get on in one family?

In the night of October 24, 1928, 80 years ago, in Kharkiv, in a family of the teacher of French and the doctor - the phthisiatrician by the name of Goff the daughter who was named Inna was born. To the girl also 13 years as the Great Patriotic War burst were not executed. Over Kharkiv clouds in 1941 were condensed, but the family managed to be evacuated to the Siberian Tomsk. The girl - the teenager, despite the fragility, right after school hurried in evakogospital where settled the nurse. She looked after wounded, read and wrote them letters, together with the age-mates participated in statement of small performances, put performances. And in the dead of night in a school notebook wrote verses as a hobby to

But at the same time, at school, suddenly understood that one poetry to it has not enough. And then she began to compose prose: it were small stories; she tried to write down those stories which to it were told by soldiers. And then she suddenly understood that it is terrifying and gloomy stories that people were tired of war, they want to see and read something especially peace, there can be even, something defenseless. And the schoolgirl Inna Goff wrote a playlet for puppet theater that kids at least for one or one and a half hours forgot that there is a war and their fathers or battle against the enemy somewhere far, or at all will never return

After leaving school she went to Moscow, to it advised to enter the Literary institute of Gorky, if she writes beautiful verses. She and made, successfully passed examinations and became the student. First it was a little closed, but then thawed also began to pay attention to those who are nearby.

In life happens sometimes so that two persons in one educational audience study, sit next nearly, and then - time as if the spark ran! And maybe, it is tricks of the Cupid who knows? But Inna suddenly began to notice on herself the views turned by the fellow student - Kostya Vanshenkin. He wrote quite good verses whether it is better worse than her - a riddle. But the guy tried to be near all the time. Slowly let in it on the territory closer and closer, and then and itself did not notice how was gone! Whether it infected it with the love, whether heart began to fight more often than it is necessary. But after a while she felt - to live without Kostya simply unbearable!

Bantered at them: two bears in one den cannot get on, it you such kind now, and suddenly someone will be beaten out in the famous poets, and another this world nevzvidit then. And end of your love!

In some measure, wore out. Inna suddenly refused to continue study in a poetic field and got over to the prose writer Konstantin Paustovsky. And under its management very quickly turned into the master of a fiction. In any case, in 1950 at the first All-Union competition on the best book for children Inna Goff got the first award for the story I am a taiga . And Vanshenkin whether by the way, then still nobody knew the jealousy Was

? Konstantin Yakovlevich remembered much later: We had no creative jealousy, on the contrary, good luck of another were perceived as the. We with it had the Writers` Union from two people. Most of literary wives see the main care in praising the husbands. It is necessary too, from critics of the word kind will not wait, but we belonged to each other very exactingly. And the love did not disturb that, on the contrary Yes, I married happily. Common interests, feeling that each creative success - the general We with Inna had all this.

Each its success sincerely pleased me. We really had a happy family.

I had a Wife one, loved

Very few people know, but these two poet and the writer (under the influence of the wife Konstantin Yakovlevich too sometimes rolled down on prose) managed to create according to one poem which were included into gold fund of the Soviet song.

We will begin with Inna Goff. Its feather possesses verses to such songs as Augustus When you stop loving I smile to you And the summer proceeds Again the branch shook . But the most known was taken by Edmond Keosayan in the movie New adventures imperceptible (this movie, by the way, this year was 40 years old!) .

The field, the Russian field Shines

the moon or snow falls, -

Happiness and pain together with you. there is no

, not to forget you heart for ever.

the Russian field, the Russian field

How many roads were necessary to walk to me!

You are my youth, you are my will -

what came true, what in life came true.

Neither the woods, nor the seas will be compared to you.

You with me, my field,

of Studit wind a temple.

Here my Fatherland, I will also tell, without thawing:

- Hi, the Russian field,

Ya your thin cone.

The field, the Russian field

Let I am a person city long ago -

a wormwood Smell, vernal heavy rains

Suddenly will burn me with former melancholy.

the Russian field, the Russian field

Ya, as well as you, expectation I live -

I Believe silence as to the promise,

I see blue in the Cloudy afternoon.

Neither the woods, nor the seas will be compared to you.

You with me, my field,

of Studit wind a temple.

Here my Fatherland, I will also tell, without thawing:

- Hi, the Russian field,

Ya your thin cone

you, of course, learned this song. When the movie came out, I was going to go to school, for the first time. And everything in me turned over! It seemed to me that it is very unfair that such remarkable song is sung by the White Guard officer, either Valerka, or Yashk has to sing it there is a Gipsy though Yashke to sing about the Russian field, it seems, as not from a hand But I was convinced by

that this song is written then when action of the movie - at the beginning of 20 - x years by

A three years later, on mine 10 - the anniversary is developed, the father presented me a big gramophone record on 78 turns, with my favourite performer - Mark Bernes. I desperately fell in love Enemies burned a native hut I work as the wizard and other songs from this disk. But nevertheless independently there was a song - I love you, life . The author of words is Konstantin Vanshenkin.

I love you, Life,

That in itself and it is not new,

Ya I love you, Life,

Ya I love you again and again.

Here windows were lit,

Ya I walk from work wearily,

Ya I love you, Life,

I I want that you became better.

To me it is much given -

Breadth of the earth and the plain sea,

is known to me

Disinterested friendship man`s long ago.

In a ring of every day,

As I am happy that there is no rest to me!

I Have a love,

Life, you know what is it.

As nightingales sing,

the Twilight, a kiss at dawn.

I love top -

is a miracle great - children!

Again we with them will pass,

the Childhood, youth, stations, moorings.

Will be grandsons then,

Everything will repeat again at first.

Ah how years fly,

We long, a gray hair noticing,

Life, you remember soldiers,

That died, protecting you?

So exult and be managed by

In blares of the spring anthem!

Ya I love you, Life,

I I hope that it is mutual!

By the way, Konstantin and Inna`s daughter, - Galina - became an artist, and always illustrated mother`s books.

Once Inna Goff wrote: Poets have verses as children, are born from women it was Also absolutely right Inna Anatolyevna`s

did not become in April, 1991, she died after a serious long illness. In Voskresensk situated near Moscow where she lived from 1960 to 1990 and where two of its best songs - " are written; Russian field and Augustus one of streets is called by her name today