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Since the oldest times, people tried to resist to the phenomena which on his fateful already not easy life were brought down by the nature ( a flood, snowfall, the fire, an earthquake ) He in every possible way tried to secure the life, to minimize risk.

Now I want to tell you about not less natural hazard, it as a lightning.

Present: You with a family went out of town on picnic, or in the wood just to have a rest from city bustle. Established tents, made fire and were only adjusted for pleasant time of forwarding as all this picturesque picture is in every possible way spoiled suddenly prolonged gray clouds by the sky, accompanied by a lightning, peals of a thunder and a heavy rain. Realizing that to the city of kilometers 50, and maybe it is more of that and that it is not possible to go in such conditions simply, you will ask yourself a question: What to do? That`s it I also devoted to the answer to this question the article.

First of all, as well as in any other extreme situation, it is necessary to gather and in any cases not to give in to panic, in a panic state you will hardly make something reasonable.

During a thunder-storm being on open space, it is the best of all to steer clear of trees and high objects - electric columns, towers, flagstaffs.

The lightning always chooses a short way, and the column or a tree is higher, the its road from a cloud to the earth is shorter . If during a thunder-storm you are on a plain surface, then it is necessary to bend down whenever possible as low as possible and to avoid any height even if in this case you wet through more, than standing under a tree. If appeared among trees, then follow a saying: Far away from oaks, on closer to beeches . The lightning strikes beeches, than oaks much less often. The matter is that beeches have smooth bark on which rain water easily flows down. Water easily installs electrical equipment therefore, having struck in a beech, the lightning will go on the wetted bark, passing the person standing under a tree. Rough bark of oaks not so becomes wet, and the lightning which got to an oak can change the way and strike the person. The lightning looks for ways with the smallest resistance.

As for about the car whether it is necessary to steer clear of it during a thunder-storm, or it is better to remain in it ?

Rubber tires of the car serve as an excellent insulator. From the point of view of electric conductivity the car has no contact with the negatively charged earth. Therefore the lightning should not strike the car. But even if it happens, then passengers are not threatened by danger. Electric charge will pass through body metal to the earth, passing passengers as it is a line of least resistance. Thus the metal body of the car will protect people from dangerous categories . Such metal cage is called Faraday`s cell by name outstanding English physicist. Even crane operators who sit in the highest cranes do not have need to go down on the earth if the thunder-storm gathers. Though the lightning can also strike easy blow to a crane edge, in the crane operator`s cabin only to be distributed awful noise, but more nothing will occur. Therefore: during a thunder and a lightning you should not leave the car.