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What can teach the kid, just playing with him in machines? New and interesting

Professional skills of the teacher - the preschool child and a wide experience of work in kindergarten very much were useful to me when time to invent new " came; interesnost for studying Basic mathematical concepts . The matter is that with kids of 2 - 3 years the mathematics in itself in kindergarten is not studied, there is even no program such, and is only formation of the main mathematical representations . I also tried to carry out it, by means of machines, certainly!

As we mastered the basic mathematical concepts

the son in general began to Consider early. And, of course, machines were the first objects for the account. The set of the construction machines fastened among themselves with magnets was brought by the father, and the kid long enough tried to understand how machines cling to each other?

It turned out so that we began with of a prischityvaniye at once: one machine, one and one more - only two machines, two machines and one more - only three machines. As machines there were five, and the account at us went within five at once. When machines were unhooked, I spoke: Oh, there were only five, and one was unhooked - became all (). And how many became? Let`s count! And we recalculated the remained avtomobilchik again.

Remembering that numerals need to be coordinated in a sort, I suggested to check how many at us all trucks, motorcycles, planes, boats. With pleasure the son carried out exercises of the " type; Let`s count and how much at you red cars? Plastic? Iron? Firefighters? Construction? Racing?

Exercises quantitative correlation it was the share of through " too; vehicle fleet to carry out, under the motto You Give to each car on the passenger! We transplanted little men from the kinder - surprises, tell-tales of different flowers, animals and even geometrical figures! On details of a magnetic mosaic I drew with a marker mugs, and both the blue triangle, and a red square, and a green circle became passengers of a car. At the same time both colors were fixed, and figures.

We hazardously found out, of what is more (less) - machines or cubes, blue tell-tales in the truck or yellow rectangles (sandwiches) in the covered Gazelki`s body? To find out it appeared very simply: gave out to each soldier on to " sandwich; moreover and superfluous remained - for emergency. It is less Tell-tales, than sandwiches on two, and it is more sandwiches, than tell-tales too on two. Let`s superfluous clean - now equally how many tell-tales, are so much also " sandwiches;.

With sizes and their comparisons the situation in general was simply - there were enough contrast sizes of transport! Exercise on correlation of sizes by five sizes consisted of a rassazhivaniye of five passengers in the same number of cars by the principle: The highest - a hare, and the machine the highest it is necessary to him, and the lowest - a little mouse, it will quite be located in the lowest . Remained it was simple to place - as in Three bears .

For introduction of concepts long - short I used the fairy tale, here very much " too; Little Red Riding Hood approached. I made a wood basis of a thick cardboard, and the child himself painted with a sponge it in green color and when paint dried, helped me to paste in one of corners of a cardboard rectangle two strips of brown paper - short and long. Strips dispersed in the form of a letter V, on two parties. Having established lodges and trees I told - showed the fairy tale, focusing attention on length of paths, length of hair of the Little Red Riding Hood and hair of a wolf, identical length of a hairband and lace for boots.

I needed to consolidate concepts out of concrete objects at once and to teach the kid to compare lengths among themselves. Having looked through performance synulya began to fix passed : on paths in the wood there went cars, giving a ride to a wolf, the grandmother, woodcutters and the Little Red Riding Hood. Next day as the Little Red Riding Hood the racing machine of red color acted, the tractor became the Grandmother, and the motorcycle - the Wolf, only length of paths remained.

Wide - narrow I entered the concepts through highway width and doors garages . On the wide highway of the car can and go to four rows, and on the narrow road - only one hardly - can hardly pass! A wide door of garage - for the bus, a narrow door - for the motorcycle. For two identical buses - two doors of identical width.

Learned to be guided in space on a transport basis too. On a long coffee table I spread sheets of a Whatman paper, we together placed cubes - houses and machines from the " set; Wooden designer also the real city - with the station, bridges, gas station turned out. It was by train possible to go to the wood, everyone quarter had the color - blue, red, yellow and green, and to sleep machines went to garage of the corresponding color. Then the son still painted pavements and sidewalks.

We played so: I put the machine and spoke: And at the traffic light of the machine stopped, and before the blue machine costs the red truck, behind - the " fire truck;. Or just during game suggested the kid to put the little man (other machine) of for, before, at the left, to the right of a lodge, garage, the wood. Of course, reference points from too were present - on walks did not do without transport too, and the left / right hand holding a string from the truck were learned somehow in itself.

Having read in the spring the list of the fact that the child of 2 - 3 years " can; by the end of academic year I with satisfaction noted: can do everything and which - that also from Program material for average (3 - 4 years) " groups;!