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The six-barreled machine gun minigan is how tiny?

the Six-barreled machine gun in Arnold Schwarzenegger`s hands in the movie Terminator 2 looks... well, very effectively. The rotating trunks and a sheaf of fire create is direct - a surrealistic picture. Here only many audience for some reason counted this weapon as a simple model. And it is absolutely vain!

Machine guns and guns of this system (the general name of all these systems - systems of Gatlinga) consist on arms of army of the USA and many other countries since the end a century before last and, seemingly, are not going to give in in the near future.

Invented a miracle it for extermination of people... doctor, that is doctor, Richard Jordan Gatling (Richard Jordan Gatling, 1818 - 1903). Since then multibarrelled systems began to call around the world systems of Gatlinga. The idea of the doctor of it to a disgrace was simple. The soldier rotated the handle of the rotary device. Rotating, each of six trunks around passed six stages of a cycle of work of a shot: ramming of the new boss in a cartridge chamber, closing of a lock, preparation and actually a shot, opening of a lock, extraction of a shot sleeve and the beginning of a new cycle. By the way, at a misfire the boss just jumped out not shot.

System under the name Kartechnitsa Gatlinga " model 1865; at once came to army of northerners, but from - for interruptions in supply with ammunition they participated in fights very restrictedly probably to big pleasure of southerners who had no skorostrelny " rifles; winchester here such kartechnitsa .

Then there were single-barreled automatic systems, like known according to movies about revolution of a machine gun Maxims . And about systems of Gatlinga, the heavy, slow, demanding at least two people in a service staff (one rotated the handle, another shot, and it in the war - that!) safely forgot.

But why they revived again? And that is why. Warfare speed all increased, and rate of fire of single-barreled systems was limited: metal, as well as any physical body, when heating extends. And the weapon with a superheated trunk does not shoot, and plyuyotsya . And here then - that was also remembered multibarrelled systems. All the matter is that so far one trunk heats up at a shot, other five cool down. We replace the soldier with an electric motor, we do reliable giving of cartridges - and everything, the weapon with the maximum practical rate of fire in 15 000 (fifteen thousand!) shots in a minute it is ready!

First of all this system began to be put on fighting helicopters and planes. And then similar began to establish to it by the ships. Then, during the Vietnamese war, appeared and wearable " option; a machine gun of system of Gatlinga under 7,62 cartridge of the standard of NATO of M134 Minigun. It intended generally for fire support of a landing from transport helicopters. By the way, after issue this model under a rifle cartridge miniganam began to call all weapon of this kind.

Though firing from such minigan from hands it is almost impossible, standing on a tripod (in the helicopter, by car, by the boat or just on the earth) it provides quite decent rate of firing (to 4000 shots a minute). Shortcomings it, by the way, too were found quickly.

1. M134 Minigun has the electric drive, and for food the powerful accumulator is necessary and if it is discharged in fight - that! It is always necessary to have near at hand the spare accumulator.

2. Rather big weight: only a unit of fire (2000 cartridges 7,62 NATO) weighs more than 25 kg, and still a machine gun and the accumulator to it.

3. Big expense of ammunition: 2000 cartridges last for a minute of firing (it in the slow mode! The accelerated mode - 4000 shots. Is, the truth the slow mode, 300 - 600 shots, but then Minigun in all respects loses to single-barreled systems.

4. Too big return.

5. Long recharge. And it is necessary to recharge often!

All these shortcomings designers of " firm; General is an electrician which lets out minigana, tried to correct in a new minigan under easier ammunition 5. 56 mm, native for the American rifle M - 16. The new system was called by XM214 Minigun, but essentially it corrected nothing though for this system the special zaplechny rantsevy shop, a belt for carrying and the zone accumulator was made. The machine gun all the same was too bulky, its only advantage there was a unified standard cartridge. Now it was not necessary to care for two types of ammunition, one for a machine gun, another for a rifle. By the way, from such minigan the soldier in the movie " shot; Predator (Predator) with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a leading role.

And in Terminator 2 minigan (by the way, 134 - oh models) Schwarzenegger took in hand also. However, the tape was loaded with the facilitated blank cartridges, food on a machine gun moved the hidden cable. The actor was propped up by a special support and dressed in a special bullet-proof vest. Return to 110 kgfs, all-. And the main thing - sleeves take off at such huge speed that can wound not worse than an enemy bullet! But as it is beautiful!

And here the answer to the question which is taken out in article heading - minigan is not tiny, heavy at all and is inconvenient. Now Minigun costs regular arms by many helicopters, for execution of enemy infantry from air. As for people, contrary to cine to pokazushka any person will not be able to conduct from a minigan aim firing from hands . Even it is simple to hold shooting minigan it is almost impossible!