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Red, white or pink: what wine is more useful?

What wine you prefer: white, red, pink? - this question before recent time for me was very simple. It was not necessary to reflect, the answer was lightning: red . Whether flavoring preferences were affected by argument that red wine is more useful, whether in due time played collective preference of girlfriends And here who really is a good judge of good wine, so professionals are wine makers. For quite some time now the circle of my acquaintances was replenished with one of representatives of it sparkling occupations, and I was lucky to learn a lot of new and interesting on a wine subject It appears

, own style is not only at glamourous women of fashion and celebutantes. Too it is available for each wine. Wine makers mean two components by this concept: in - the first, it is color drink (white, pink or red), in - the second, degree its sweets (dry wine, moist, semisweet or sweet). So, about everything one after another we Will begin

with color. Perhaps, it is difficult to believe, but actually white in power to make wine from any grade of grapes (there is it white, red or even black). The secret is covered only in a way of processing . So-called white processing demands that the wrung-out grape juice at once ottsezhivatsya and then wandered already without thin skin. As a result the range of kinds of white wine on color turns out very wide: from light-straw to cognac.

If wine has a reddish shade, it recognize red . By the way, here, as well as in a white case, the color palette is quite various too: from faintly - scarlet to saturated ruby. To receive drink of such style, grapes of a red grade will be required. Process of preparation dictates the following requirements: the wrung-out juice by all means has to wander together with a thin skin.

Wines pink were the choosiest, in my opinion. Too everything with them is difficult. It seems it is possible to carry them both to white, and to red and here only experts demand accuracy. You judge: pink wine is a drink from red grapes, prepared by means of a white way. That to make such beauty, it is required to leave at several o`clock to wander a mash together with a thin skin, and then the thin skin is deleted. As you, probably, already guessed, short term of endurance also helps to achieve a peculiar pink shade of drink. Wine turns out, as a rule, easy, not too tart and fragrant.

And now, as for degree of sweet wine. The majority of natural drinks - dry . Weigh the sugar which is contained in them in the course of fermentation, as they say, dry it is transformed to alcohol. For this reason wine of this style also received the corresponding name. Also moist and semisweet allocate wines : representatives of data of groups have sugar everything is remains due to features of this or that grade of grapes. The real judges of this drink know that the natural wine received in such a way can be met not and is frequent and if it is possible to try its taste, then it is necessary to pay not so small money for pleasure.

To what wine to give preference, to solve, friends, to you. As they say, on taste and color And here, if to tell about advantage , then here to you one of the last researches . Quite recently foreign scientists admitted that they did not even guess earlier useful properties of white wine. The American doctors proved that white wine in the same way protects heart and vessels, as well as red. Long time occurred opinion that this drink is absolutely useless. Medicinal properties to it are given by substance which contains in a grapes peel. And in white wine which is done of the peeled berries this substance is not recorded. The made experiment showed the following: experimental rats who were regularly given white wine possess the same strong heart and healthy vessels, as well as those rodents that drank red. Scientists tried to find to it an explanation and as a result came to a sensational conclusion. It appears, the pulp of grapes is also useful, as well as its peel. Respectively and the advantage of wine does not depend on its color at all. The main thing, friends to take this curative drink moderately!

Sparkling to you moods, fragrant impressions and good health!