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Drinkable diploma... As for what it is necessary to drink?

We have to talk seriously to you the lake. drink! You obviously use not that, not then definitely not for this purpose. In heat it is necessary to drink, and if you are forced to do it, allow us to help to fill your glass with the necessary drink in the correct occasion. There are many secrets which are reliably kept by cups, glasses, small bottles and their contents. When you pour in yourself in the third glass of ice lemonade that, probably, not especially think of consequences. It bothered us. We will teach you to drink what, except pleasure, can bring also benefit:

to Lose weight

Juice, nectars and mixes

there is one amusing nuance concerning liquid calories: our organism not always knows what with them to do. One satisfy thirst, others sate. Juice, nectars and mixes just specialize in the last. During numerous researches it was revealed that, having drunk a glass of similar drink in 15 - 20 minutes prior to food, it is possible to reduce the number of calories which you are going to eat. The matter is that these drinks often contain pulp, and vegetable juice viscous in itself. But it is necessary to drink them to a meal as during it this drink will not have similar effect any more.

to Diversify sexual life with

Black coffee

the Best liquid aphrodisiac after alcohol black coffee - the natural stimulator capable to wake instantly nervous system is recognized. It raises a blood pressure which directs including to genitals and thus influences your excitability. But we speak about black coffee without cream - they, as well as the majority of dairy products, contain the amino acid causing drowsiness. Therefore refuse cream if only you are not going to smear with them someone.

to Disperse an after-dinner sleepiness

to Help a stomach


of the Bacterium, responsible for health of a gastrointestinal tract, are in yogurt. These live cultures protect your organism from a contamination and are even capable to fight against the bacteria provoking diseases of a stomach and a cancer of intestines. Choose yogurt and the smallest content of fat and sugar.

to Give birth to the healthy child

Orange juice

It is a natural stimulator of fertility. Besides and tasty. It is rich with folic acid which is important for pregnant women. Day norm - 600 mg of acid. The glass contains 100 mg. If you cannot the necessary quantity juice, lean on spinach and broccoli in which there is a lot of it too.

to Reduce pain

Tea from a camomile

Those five days in a month which the nature allotted on periods can be time... tea! Researches showed that women who drank 5 cups of this drink a day increased the level of glycine in blood - the amino acids helping to relax a uterus and to relieve pains. This recipe is much more effective than reception of medical supplies.

to Give all the best completely during occupations in the hall

Green tea

Recent researches found out that extract of green tea improves endurance during sports activities for 24% and increases amount of the burned fat. Therefore do not forget to drink couple of cups green chayado physical activity. Besides fans of this drink, scientists say, those who do not use it in general are twice less subject to diseases of cardiovascular system, than. The gratitude needs to be expressed to the flavonoid which is contained in tea. It does not allow platelets to form clots.

is possible to be refreshed after sports activities

Chocolate milk

, last time you drank something similar when you celebrated the decade, but it is not an occasion to refuse drink. This the best that you can drink after active sports activities. Milk perfectly encourages because contains that proportion which is necessary to our organism: 3 - 4 grams of carbohydrate on each gram of protein. But why chocolate milk? - already mentally you ask. We answer: beans of cocoa contain antioxidants which help muscles to be restored quicker.

is worthy to address audience

Garnet juice

If it is necessary to improvise, not to strike beautifully with the person in dirt at conference - antioxidant, found in such fruit as bilberry and pomegranate is necessary for you. He protects a brain from memory blackouts and a carelessness. Drink a glass - another of garnet juice or eat yogurt with bilberry on the eve of the event demanding from you the maximum concentration.

Live fine together with the drinkable diploma!