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How to learn to accept quietly what occurs around us?

Tranquility, only tranquility! - beautiful, clever, moderately well-fad man in the blossoming of forces quite so spoke.

Probably, all remember old, still the Soviet animated cartoon about Carlson who lives on a roof. On any doubt, objection and in general... he answered quite so! And constantly turned any problems of century. well, you remember in what. in an occasion to play and have fun!

However, in life it turns out not always. Life for some reason always goes not as we want. The chief does not notice, children shout when you are hurt by the head, the neighbor does not repay debts And protchy, protchy, protchy. Problems, problems, problems. We got used to solve them who as. Who it is quiet, sure, slow and who in a temper to narubat - and in bushes then! Or not in bushes, but reproaches himself. Sometimes all life.

Well, and how in your opinion who will solve a problem better? The one who will coolly think over will weigh every chance, or the one who begins to flog a fever? The answer, except for rare exceptions, I think, is clear. Of course, the one who will quietly count options. And how to keep calm when around is created such !!

Psychologists, specialists in the NLP and others chelovekoveda agree in opinion that any adult has an experience of entry into a condition of absolute tranquility. It is simple to use this experience units are able. And whether this absolute tranquility in a real life situation is achievable?

Well, we will begin to study. First of all, physiology. A conditioned reflex, the habit developed for years it is so simple not to be given. At influence of some external irritant, important for you, the program is started automatically! The main thing - to bring down implementation of this program.

We will remember experiences with Pavlov`s dog. I explain operation of the mechanism for those who do not remember details. The dog was given food, and at the same time the call called. The organism of a dog accurately associated after a while jingle of a call with delivery of food. Even when the food was not given, the call every time caused the same habitual reaction - release of gastric juice. Notice, now for a dog it was not the advantage but only harm. Further the reflex gradually calmed down, but (the attention, will be the most interesting now! ) costed one, only once to confirm to correctness of expectations as the reflex revived with a new force ! Or even stronger! That is why many habits, it seems, also sleep for years, but there is enough of one it descent of a cock - and process is started with a new force!

So, what to do if call suddenly (or even not suddenly) rang out?

1. do not react to an irritant at once, immediately.

2. you Breathe quietly, react at a slow rate.

3. find In advance an image which causes in you tranquility, and cause it in consciousness at once as soon as the excitement flywheel is started.

4. Act or at least try to act it is comprehended! Constantly ask yourself a question: Why I do It .

5. If all this at you turned out (at least partially), praise yourself.

And to prevent emergence of the majority of the negative, enraging situations...

1. imagine yourself in various situations More often from your past which enraged you earlier. Only now without being excited (the word - that what ambiguous!) keeping calm and feeling of confidence that everything will go as it is necessary .

2. Plan each next day, estimating the possible situations irritating you. Try to consider the majority of factors which can arise in process .

3. Allow themselves to make mistakes.

4. do not wait from life of ideals, you do not create to yourself idols. Life all the same will go not as you to yourself thought up it. Just consider it.

5. you are not obliged to understand . Telepathic. Even family. Study accurately, specifically to introduce the ideas.

6. Think over possible scenarios of actions in any situations which enrage you.

7. Think over scenarios of actions in other emergency situations.

8. you Praise yourself. More often!

9. do not try to prove the case by all means.

10. you spend more time, communicating with quiet, self-assured people.

And the main thing - become such person as soon as possible!