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Let`s play a geokeshing? The Subject of treasures and treasures always attracted

and attracted as a magnet, especially at children`s age and inveterate romantics. Now it is possible not only to dream and read about it books, but also to take part actively in search let not such valuable, but all - treasures .

The Geokeshing - the tourist game with use of satellite navigation systems consisting in finding of the hiding places hidden by other participants of the game (Wikipedia).

Having appeared in the USA in 2000, the geokeshing came to Russia in the spring of 2002 when several supporters decided to follow in the footsteps of the overseas fellows and created the website devoted to this fascinating game. In the same time there were first hiding places in the Moscow region. But in a year players celebrated anniversary - the 100-th hiding place.


On the developed Russian customs a hiding place is recommended to be created in those places which represent a certain natural, cultural, historical or geographical interest. Thus, it is possible to note not only adventure nature of game, but also developing. Such rules are a peculiar tool of an exchange of knowledge of the native land, history, geography, etc. of

the Description of a hiding place is uploaded by players to the corresponding website where, along with the description of coordinates of a hiding place, also the illustrated photos of the district or the road to a hiding place are welcomed.

Anyone can take part in search of any hiding place. Regardless of whether the hiding place will be found by someone earlier, the hiding place will not cease to exist for others. And all because, having found its location, the player does only the corresponding mark in a notebook which surely is located together with valuable things in a hiding place, and changes one of things in a hiding place for the, but not smaller value (at the same time the player is also obliged to specify in a notebook what thing he, for what changed). Though the player can take nothing, and just be noted in a notebook, and then and on the website. Then the found hiding place puts a thing back and masks a hiding place anew not to facilitate a task for the followers.

Hiding place.

Usually the hiding place represents the container with well closed cover in which it is possible to put any subject: beginning from the book and finishing with more valuable things, for example, money.

It is forbidden to put in a hiding place the weapon, drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, and also perishable goods which can do harm to health found such hiding place. Also it is worth remembering that in game active part is taken also by children therefore the objects for adults also are under a ban.

The Geokeshing has seasonal nature. So, for example, in winter time game is frozen together with the earth. If on the earth snow laid down and/or air temperature fell below zero than degrees, then game stops before warmer season.

So if you have GPS - the receiver and big desire to join ranks of the players who are looking for hiding places in 177 countries of the world desire to diversify the leisure if at you there is a spirit of adventures, then a geokeshing is shown you. And you can play not only in proud loneliness, but also attract all members of the family. It is sure, such general entertainment will rally, especially when the search strategy connected with ability to be guided by districts will be developed.

If you decide to participate not only in search of a hiding place, but also want to put the treasure, then you remember the following rule: the hiding place cannot be created on the private and protected objects, access to which is closed or complicated. In case search of a hiding place requires special equipment, then it is necessary to warn about it on the website when you spread information on the hiding place.

Successful game!