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How to prepare hot summer gjatyk in the middle of cold winter?

Behind a window snow white fluffy flakes serenely cover the earth with a blanket. Branches of trees, until recently green and magnificent, replaced the dresses with white and ice dresses. In air smells in the winter. Having wrapped up in a plaid with a hot cup of coffee in a hand, so

wants to plunge into warm tempting time, of which can remind only photos from holiday now, Summer for me again - it is invariable a trip on a visit to the grandmother and her house specialty which it calls precisely gjatyk . Once, after a tasty meal and expression of a praise, I asked the recipe of this vkusnotishcha for the granny and took an interest from where at this dish such name.

Then she told about how she went to stay for a while to the girlfriend into the North Caucasus 40 years ago and learned to prepare this type of vegetable stew there. And then she told a story about how it was convinced that through a stomach the way to the man`s heart lies.

My grandfather, then still the young guy living several years in the Caucasus was struck by its culinary abilities. He was a friend of the husband of that girlfriend and when called on them, saw how the young Russian girl prepares his darling gjatyk . After a tasty lunch followed the invitation at cinema, the offer of a hand and heart, and then - my mother and three her brothers. In general to prepare

for gjatyk , as well as vegetable stew, is possible differently , adding one and diminishing other ingredients. He can act solo, and can adjoin to buckwheat, macaroni or fried eggs. It can be eaten as we heat, and cold. But the main thing, it gives a scope to your imagination, allowing, having a little changed the main recipe, to turn it into your house specialty which will be highly appreciated by the family and friends.

the Recipe No. 1

the Lunch on 8 - 10 people.

will be required to you: onions - 1 piece, garlic - 2 - 3 cloves, green paprika - 1 piece, red paprika - 1 piece, eggplants - 3 pieces, potatoes - 3 pieces, tomatoes - 10 - 15 pieces, greens, salt, pepper. It is possible to prepare in a deep frying pan or a pan.

1. Small cut onions and garlic. Fry them to softness on weak fire.

2. Then add the red and green paprika cut in cubes.

3. In a couple of minutes fill the eggplant cleared of a peel cubes.

4. When it is softened, add potatoes thin slices.

5. Fill in tomatoes with boiled water and in a few minutes husk with them. Cut tomatoes on 4 - 5 parts and add to a pan. Uvarite minutes 10 - 15. Add salt, pepper and greens to taste and desire.

the Recipe No. 2

to you will be required to

: onions - 1 piece. garlic - 2 - 3 cloves, green paprika - 1 piece, red paprika - 1 piece, potatoes - 3 pieces, pumpkin - grams 200, tomatoes - 10 pieces, greens, salt, pepper.

1. Cut onions half rings, garlic small. Fry on weak fire.

2. Add red and green Bulgarian rings. When are softened, add potatoes rings and pumpkin. Then tomatoes without thin skin. You cook, excess liquid will not boil away yet. Salt, pepper, greens.

the Recipe No. 3

to you will be required to

: onions - 1 piece, tomatoes - 7 pieces, eggs - 6 pieces, fat - 100 grams, salt, pepper.

Onions small to cut, fry together with fat pieces. To add tomatoes without thin skin. In a couple of minutes the eggs which are shaken up by a nimbus. To cook 3 - 5 minutes.

Variations: at will it is possible to add boiled haricot, carrots through a grater, it is possible to cook onions, but not to fry, it is possible to add water and to give as soup or a sauce.

There is a lot of ways of preparation of this dish, but what you option would not choose, it will bring heat on your table, reminding of useful summer vegetables.