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It is a little about language of copywriters

A little about language of copywriters

I would like to talk about our language - language of copywriters. What it differs in that is characteristic of it and, the most important, what its shortcomings and as to change it to the best. Perhaps, this article will be useful to copywriters a beginner or maybe having read it, and authors with an experience will treat the works more strictly. Reading to

the first 400 signs of the copywriters placed at some exchanges, I allocated the following very negative, for my modest look, the moments.

1. At most of authors including those that have stars near the name have a mass of punctuation, grammatical and stylistic mistakes. So, the author asks: You when - nibud reflected what distinguishes the person from an animal? Well it is impossible to pass such commas! It is not simply illiterate and nonprofessional, it`s really too much. In other place it is visible: The Singer with a huge potential, promised to be a big star . Why here a comma - it is absolutely unclear. There is a question: what education should be had that here to put a comma? Five classes? There are cases when mistakes it is not so scandalous, but all - is strange to see them at copywriters with a huge rating: The Centuries-old role of Vienna as the capitals of the empire Gabsburgov is brightly reflected in architectural variety of magnificent buildings . In this case the comma before the union how does not need to be put as this union does not express comparison, it acts in value of semantic equalizing: Vienna is also the capital, Vienna is not compared to the capital.

Is also grammatical mistakes which bring a colloquial shade in texts. For example: The Sandy beach and transparent water of the Red sea, magnificent reeves and cases of the sunk ships . Whether it is necessary to say that the genitive case of plural of a noun the case in this value has the termination - y?

2. Very often also just frank absurdities meet. For example: Pictures, a portrait and a list of walls in a modern interior cannot be made soundly, without having addressed history. And to the ancient historical last ancient historical past . To understand about what here the speech, it is almost impossible. In - the first why in one uniform row there are such non-uniform phenomena how pictures, a portrait and a list? Not only that pictures designate wider, generic term in comparison with their separate genre - a portrait, so here also there is no grammatical uniformity - uniformity of category of number. And in general - the statement is frank not truly - it is possible to create both a portrait, and a list of walls without any knowledge of rock paintings. And the heap of definitions with close values (the ancient historical last ancient historical past) in general is frankly built for increase in quantity of signs.

3. It is sad to see in texts the worn-out school receptions to which teach in the fifth class and which, probably, will not be eradicated at the people writing much and for money over time in any way. To such nurseries, student`s reception, for example, is often inept selection of synonyms. No, synonyms are selected correctly, they do not provoke any discrepancies, but, reading texts with them, I and see the school teacher who in the course of preparation for the next composition on a picture writes down the synonymic ranks selected by fifth-graders on a board: lake, reservoir, Baikal, nature miracle; artist, author, painter. Here, for example, similar text: In the world there are a lot of miracles prorody, one of them is the lake which is formed by mineral sources. This reservoir on the peninsula Florida in the USA " is located;.

4. At a forum lifted a subject that the pronoun you is written from a capital letter only if the address goes to the particular person (and it is possible only in personal letters). But all the same you and yours occurs in articles persuasive: For your hair has no essentially big value how many money and time you put in means on care of hair - health of hair occurs from within and begins with the correct food . About other mistakes of the author of this text having a rating 153 (them here 3 pieces, play the game find 3 differences from the correct " option;) I will not even mention - you all see.

the Same history with texts of another, already star, the author with a rating 209: Self-massage of the person - extremely important procedure therefore - that it improves blood circulation and promotes fast absorption of cream. It is possible to make it every day, when putting cream on skin of the person. No its duration should not exceed everything 2 - 4 min. Self-massage of the person needs to be done before a pocket mirror - it will allow you to control in the best way the movements Why a dash in the union because? That for expression fast absorption ? Just like ambulance . Whether attempt it to pick up a synonym to an adjective fast ? Just it was told about procedure it and right there makes it . We, of course, understand that the speech about massage, but is a grammatical mistake in the use of demonstrative pronouns. Why a comma before when drawing ? Why but nevertheless ? Unless before something was told about duration to use concessive designs? Word it is necessary it is necessary to replace with the word better because this instruction obviously is not rigid need, and only the recommendation. Well and you - from a small letter, certainly. Here to you 5 lines. The teacher of literature would put the two.

Arises a question: why such situation when quality cannot be checked in any way is possible? To all authors who of texts were cited here put pluses for the performed work. So, the customer just does not possess necessary competence and level of literacy adequately to estimate the text. What remains? And there is only our responsibility and desire to make the world it is better. Realize that your texts will be in a network, they will be read, they will become for someone a sample. Remember that the best way to become the competent person is a reading. But who reads Pushkina and Chekhov today? Read, of course, but a little that it is visible in our texts. And here, realize all responsibility: you will form literacy of the person of the future. So let`s increase our language competence, let`s work on itself, let`s realize responsibility which lies on us!