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What is the working instruction and why it is necessary?

Ya I can send the worker on leave in any day without preliminary coordination, and its work will be performed by another. The new employee distracts nobody the questions how to do it? . Everyone knows what it does and as it needs to be done for achievement of in advance planned result. You can brag of it?

Introduction of a regulation of activity creates a control system basis, does business more transparent and manageable. Evaluation criteria are defined that allows to control results of work. But often, the regulation of activity comes to an end with formality - existence of duty regulations. However, for regulation of activity of subjects of management what your employees are, it is not enough.

Whether it is possible to be limited only to duty regulations? to

Theoretically - yes, from the practical point of view I can give the categorical answer is not present . Let`s analyse a source of emergence of problems. And a source not what the employee tells you that it is not his duties as they are not stated in duty regulations, and that in the course of performance of this or that operation mistakes are made. To prevent commission of these mistakes - a task of the working instruction.

Why working instructions are necessary?

Detailed instructions for performance business - processes do not give the chance to employees poor to carry out the duties, but leave behind them the right for independent decision-making within their areas to responsibility.

When there is a prime necessity in writing of working instructions?

When there is an inconsistency of actions, and it appears as soon as in the company more than three employees begin to work. After that it is necessary to begin formalization of business and to register interaction.

Whether all have to have duty and working instructions?

Such document as duty regulations, has to be at everyone, but it is formality. This requirement of the legislation. If you build system, all have to have working instructions, including the director and the managing director, the cleaner and the loader. (Somehow I was asked and even laughed, why supposedly the working instruction for the cleaner. Having come into the next supermarket, I showed how additional services spoil general impression: Depart, you that you do not see that I wash ) . the Working instruction all have to have

. Without the registered rules it is impossible to work.

How control of personnel is made? Why we can not always deliver to

at the head of the company of the hired manager? We cannot submit it the case, even when business is adjusted and it works.

In what fundamental difference of duty regulations from working instructions? the Duty regulations say

to the employee about that, that it has to do, the working instruction about that, as it has to do to it. Even without additional analysis there is clear an absolute fundamental difference of two documents, one of which exists exclusively formally, another is the working tool.

How duty and working instructions are connected among themselves?

By preparation of any documents it is important to b to provide to

their accurate interrelation. All documents with which the employee holding this or that position works are connected among themselves by so-called references that allows to avoid lack of the same information in all documents and facilitates search of the necessary information.

Corrections and changes are constantly made to working and duty regulations. How to provide that the employee always had a document existing at the moment?

is a question of management of document flow and it concerns not only duty and working instructions. The document has to have the version and a date of issue. Withdrawal and destruction of the documents which became invalid is admissible to make in any way.

How to be if there is any position, and the employee occupying it leaves?

Partly the working instruction also exists at once to delegate powers from one person to another and there is it not only at dismissal of the employee, but also in case of temporary absence (holiday, an illness, study, business trip) and the duties which are carried out by this employee have to be transferred to other person, and, not so much the functions described in duty regulations, how many the order and rules of their performance reflected in the working instruction.

Is allowed temporary transfer of performance of a certain assignment. It is in that case recommended to carry out listing of concrete point of the working instruction with the indication of a position of the employee who will temporarily carry out this function and a term of office on its performance. If term is not known, start date of execution is specified.

How to write working instructions? Who writes them?

the Working instruction is a certain set of rules, working within which, the employee without fail will receive positive result.

Working instructions, to be exact, their primary versions, are written by employees. When I ask to write the working instruction, I ask the employee to write it for myself. I place emphasis on the fact that it has basic duty regulations. In it it is written, that it has to do. In the working instruction the employee writes that, as
it has to do to it. As it has to do to achieve the maximum effect.

the Second stage is correction of personnel by the employee of department.

What problems arise when writing? As if you explained

, will bring you instead of working instructions official. I revealed that not less than 50% of employees will not understand a task. Force them to write down that everything written by them has to answer the question How to do? but not What to do?

What on the volume and style of writing has to be the working instruction?

the Working instruction has to be so convenient and simple that the new employee in the first day of a trial period understood, as how exactly it is necessary to do. In principle, this requirement is imposed also to other documentation.

How the personnel perceive working instructions?

As soon as in your company there will be first versions of working instructions, the conflicts will begin to arise. All this same banal resistance. However, in addition, there will be employees who will explain non-performance of this or that work to that at them it is not registered " anywhere;.

How existence of instructions can influence the client?

our clients often want to receive result, actually, from - for whom they also cooperate with you, but on the other hand, they are eager to interfere with your work and to control it. Give them such opportunity especially as it is a step to your advantage.

So, suppose, when rendering services, you can leave to the customer the working instruction of your personnel. It is absolutely clear that the majority it will be simply ignored, someone will read for a moment, someone will study thoroughly, but the result will be same - your client will know that the employee of your company works according to certain requirements, and, so the customer will receive the required quality.