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How to become successful the Internet - the offtaker? Part 2

In the partner program based on advance of any services, the scheme similar. Only as goods a certain service in this connection you will hardly be able to count on a half of profit acts. Your contribution to this process nevertheless significantly smaller, than a contribution of the person or even group of people who perform the ordered work.

But also it is often quite favorable to take part in such partner programs. If, say, the cost of this or that service is estimated at 100 or 200 dollars, and the participant of the partner program is given 10% - 15%, then you receive from 10 to 30 dollars for each customer found you, and it is already money for the sake of which it costs working.

But it is necessary to choose the partner program not only with a careful eye to the financial interest. You have to like those goods which you are going to realize, at you to it the soul has to lie. It is necessary to sell what you would buy. And it is even better: before sale of these or those goods, most to acquire it and to share not sample advertizing materials, but the personal impressions with potential buyers. If your potential buyer sees that you know what you say about that you with him are honest and frank, ready to tell not only about advantages, but also about all shortcomings of the goods offered by you, then your chances of successful sale will significantly increase.

The choice of the partner program, is, of course, the important part put, but not the main. Will be to tell more true, not only of the main. It is only part of guarantee of your success. After you decide on goods which you will realize, you will need to think over your strategy of sales carefully. It is not so simple to participate in the partner program how it seems at first sight. The Internet given a look - business also demands the mass of efforts and time, especially at the beginning.

Having received ready goods in the order, you will need to fight with the competitors for buyers now. You have to not only find the buyer, but also convince him that it should acquire these or those goods or to order this or that service from you, but not from your competitors. You have to appear in the opinion of the buyer from more favorable, more attractive party, than your competitors which on the Internet at you will be very much and many.

At registration in this or that partner program you receive the so-called referalny reference which you and will need to advance. However to make the regular and essential number of sales, it is not enough placement of the reference and short advertizing text on bulletin boards and forums. You need to get the website at the same time made not on a template which the administrator can give you the Internet - shop with which you intend to cooperate.

Your website has to be individual, it has to differ from tens and hundreds of another, made on templates administrators. Do not post the advertizing text received from the administrator on the website. Write the. Share with visitors of your website your opinion on the goods offered by you, your impressions, opinion and responses of your friends, acquaintances, the first buyers. Write honestly and sincerely, exposing on display not only positive, but also negative sides of your goods. Remember that each product has both pluses, and minuses. And the fact that you do not hide, and you parade these minuses, to you will not damage, and will help more likely.

Your potential buyers will like to you trust. They will see that you the decent person that you are not ready to go on any tricks if only to sell the goods, and opposite, draw a full and reliable picture before the buyer, giving it an opportunity to independently make a final choice. At such relation the buyer will see in you first of all the person, but not the cold car programmed only for sale, and sale at any cost.

Feedback is also necessary for your full contact with the potential buyer. And not only on the website. Guest book or form of feedback here too little. It is necessary to create mailing in which to tell it to subscribers about your goods, to answer questions, to explain, prompt. In mailing it is also necessary to consolidate the publication of sample advertizing texts to a minimum, having given essential overweight to the impressions, impressions of your friends, acquaintances, the first buyers about the goods offered by you. And here it is also necessary to parade all parties of goods, to give its most objective assessment. In only case when you will be able to count on essential return.

At first you should sweat significantly: it will be necessary to create the website, to optimize it, to untwist, create and untwist mailing, to get the subscriber, the circle of potential buyers. It will be necessary to work in large quantities and regularly. But then, if all of you correctly do, your efforts will pay off. Your website will become visited, mailing will gather enough subscribers, will earn a so-called gossip hotline. You will need only to post fresh and actual information on your website and in mailing yes to communicate with visitors of the website and the subscriber of mailing.

On it the Internet - business will leave much less time, than for work at the very beginning of your formation, and your profit will increase opposite. You will earn the main thing: trust to itself, belief in the words from buyers, and it will become the main guarantee of your success, this acquisition will make all the rest. And without it you will achieve nothing, without it you only in vain will spend time and the Internet - a traffic. Your main objective: to gain potential buyers and customers, to convince them of your honesty and decency. And, if at you it works well, then the success will be guaranteed to you.

Also you remember that any lie will open sooner or later. It is possible to achieve easily success, having misled people around, and quickly to lose it; and it is possible long and with big efforts to go to it, but, having found its time, to let out any more never. Do not deceive your buyers, be with them honest even then when your honesty can turn off them from your goods because, having lost one buyer today, you will find five tomorrow. Sell only those goods which would be bought, do not realize what would not began to be bought for anything.

During communication with the potential buyer you behave as would like that other buyers behaved with you. Pay attention of the buyer to those moments which interest you not as the seller of these goods and as his buyer. As often as possible put yourself to the place of the buyer and act proceeding from it. It will also be guarantee of your success, your success in business.