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Love by rules and... without?

you watched the lyrical comedy Love by rules and without where fadeless Jack Nicholson acted as the trying to look younger Don Juan? It it is active it was glued to very young, but suddenly conceived true feeling to the lady - the coeval whom plays 58 - summer Diana Keaton. Elderly, but the charm that for a musty smell, the actress was not afraid to be bared in a shot, for as received the nomination on Oscar and Gold " globe;.

Nicholson speaks about this movie:

- It ridiculous, touching, intelligent. Besides, it opens a new subject at cinema. It is a little at us movies about sex life of people to whom to sixty or for sixty! Was considered earlier that such pictures have no audience. But now the demographic situation changed, on them great demand now! Also the sexual reality changed recently. Already there are no those psychological age barriers which existed earlier - neither for men, nor for women. To me 63, and I judge it by the experience. And it at me rich!

Of course, people began to live century in the last long. And, living long what sense early to grow old? Whether you met elderly people who are in love, love? If met, then, probably, could notice how they strikingly differ from the gloomy, irritable, grumbling peers who and talk have that only about diseases and drugs, about pensions and a rent? Lucky persons on whom in the evening of life the angel of love dawned a wing indeed look younger in the eyes.

Generally many elderly endure late love as feeling Platonic. However and in the sexual plan old men too, which - that can. Despite the official point of view (oh, this notorious eydzhizm !) according to which grandfathers and grandmothers are too old to think of sex, actually vividly are interested in it. Youth and sexuality of the person are defined by his internal state.

Interesting work was carried out by scientists of National institute of aging, one of divisions of National institute of health care of the USA (NIH). 3 thousand Americans aged from 57 till 85 years took part in research. And its result demonstrates to what influences sexual activity really, not so much age, how many a psychological spirit. At the same time researchers understood as sexual activity any bilateral activity connected with sexual contacts regardless of whether partners test an orgasm .

Most of respondents aged till 74 years claimed that in 12 months preceding research they were sexually active with participation at least one partner . Three quarters (73%) of men and women at the age of 57 - 64 years and more than a half (53%) at the age of 65 - 74 years were sexually active or claimed that conduct it. Even among aged people 75 - 85 more than a quarter (26%) had sex. Two thirds of respondents aged from 65 till 74 years and 54% - aged from 75 to 85 reported that, at least, 2 - 3 times a month have sex. Slightly less than a quarter of sexually active men and women of 70 - 90 years claim that they have sex of times a week or are more often. In the youngest category of examinees sexual activity always or as a rule meant vaginal sex. However surprisingly their most part (60% of the youngest respondents and 31% from the senior age group) practices also oral sex.

Women of all age reported about the sexual activity much less often than men including because they often endure the partners. About a half of sexually active men and women are burdened with at least one sexual frustration. 37% of men have problems with an erection, and 43% of sexually active women complained of weakening of desire. Practically every seventh (14%) from the interrogated men admitted that he uses for improvement of the sexual " function; medical supplies or food additives .

We will not needle that supposedly old men just brag or indulge in wishful thinking. The group of researchers claims that the interviewing methods used by them are recognized quite reliable also confirm that people of advanced age are interested in sex and practice it though many meet unpleasant sexual problems which negatively influence health and the relations.

Richard Sazmen, the head of the program of social researches at National institute of aging, declared that this research for the first time pointed that the vital force and interest in sexual life which, apparently, were not perceived as an important part of the life of the senior generation remain also in old age .

Here so elderly Americans feel in the sexual plan. Of course, quality of their life allows them not to go in cycles in household problems which burdened their Russian peers. To our pensioners on the whole not before sex - to be I would live. But feelings and aspirations of people where they lived, are identical everywhere. To love and be darling, to test pleasure of sincere and physical communication, want to prolong the youth, to sate life with various emotions everything!

We will remember so words of the great wise man Bernard Shaw: We grow old not because we grow old but because we early cease to love . Let`s love and not to grow old!