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Protection... from blind persons? Part 2

Unfortunately, not all administrators of the websites are ready to meet requirements of blind persons. Many of them or do not pay attention to requests, or refuse to make something. Also workers of technical support of the most popular electronic payment service provider WebMoney in the territory of the former Soviet Union are among the last.

Each new Keeper version becomes less and less available to blind persons. When converting one monetary units in others the timer which is adjusted for only one minute after which it is necessary to visit anew a page of an exchange operates and to start all procedure anew. In a minute extremely difficult, using Jaws, to listen to page contents, to find a form and to enter all necessary data. And the part of operations with money besides is also impossible (besides) without input of a protective code from the graphic picture. For example, the blind user cannot make direct payment from the purse on a purse of other user of WebMoney.

And meanwhile this system of electronic payments takes the leading positions in the territory of the CIS today, it is used by the majority of the websites connected with electronic money and only on some of them there is an opportunity to carry out payment or reception of money by different ways.

Blind persons repeatedly addressed to service of technical support WebMoney, but, unfortunately, all their attempts to affect availability of this system were not crowned with success. Several users opened a special forum on the website tiflocomp. ru, trying to collect on it votes of the blind persons supporting improvement of access to payment service provider, but it seems that also this attempt to reach employees of service is also doomed to a failure.

The payment service provider of Yandex is more loyal to blind users. Money where it is necessary to face a protective code only at registration. All the rest is completely available to blind persons without assistance. But, alas, Yandex. Money is intended only for Russians, today has no that popularity what WebMoney enjoys, and on functionality this system also considerably concedes. Today it cannot become for blind persons full-fledged alternative, and they all the same should use WebMoney purses, constantly resorting at the same time to the help of sighted people.

Very many blind persons could be engaged in business on the Internet, could improve considerably the financial opportunities, but only some of them decide to be engaged in it. And that who has no able to see relatives living with them in one house, the world the Internet - business, the world of work on the Internet and an opportunity to buy something in the Internet - shops are completely inaccessible. There protection against blind persons works with . It violates the rights of visually impaired persons in free access to information on the Internet, but, unfortunately, in our country there are no mechanisms capable to influence a situation yet, there are no laws allowing to influence administrators of the websites limiting free access to their content to blind users. Similar mechanisms only begin to be developed in countries of Western Europe and America. And we need only to wait and hope for the best so far, to address administrators and to hope for their philanthrophy, to ask able to see relatives and friends about the help...