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The role of lawyers and yuristvo is how important presently?

Lawyers and lawyers are presently people whom we can ask for the help in various situations. So our life is arranged that from any emergence of legal and legal problems any person is not insured. Providing legal our services defenders undertake very heavy responsibility. They are responsible for destinies of people. In court lawyers have to defend to the last the principal`s positions. The rights for consultations have to be granted to people. The lawyer plays a major role in criminal trial. The result of court session depends on his knowledge and understanding of business. The lawyer has to know how to advocate the interests of the client from any infringement of his freedom, property or honor. Signing the contract of legal services, you have to know to whose hands give the destiny, the lawyer has to be skilled and qualified. The main objective of the lawyer - all lawful ways, most effectively to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the principal. In case of the choice of the inexperienced defender, you risk to waste not only time, money, nerves, but also freedom. The lawyer is the person which chose the profession rendering a legal aid. The citizen having the higher legal education and length of service on legal specialty not less than 2 years can be the lawyer. In some cases the legislation established obligatory participation of the lawyer in judicial proceedings.

in life was required to me the help of the lawyer too. My parents had to ask the knowing person for the help. It was necessary to find out if you want to present to the minor child the apartment (this person is not a relative), then who will have to pay a tax. To us pointed to article in the criminal code of the Russian Federation in which it is told about the taxation. Income gained as donation is exempted from the taxation in case the donator are a close relative. After that the lawyer explained to us that the donee will be obliged to pay a tax, even taking into account minority. And in our case the contract will be signed by the lawful representative of the child. This lawful person will be obliged to contain property to majority of the child.

once again explains It to us as skilled lawyers are important presently, and their help plays a large role not only in court, but also in simple life, in case of questions.