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What it, artificial bitch?

Are, probably, young women who perceive thrown following What she is a bitch! as compliment. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I do not treat their number. Therefore sometimes it is necessary to be too and too it is even lovely - appeasably - good - fluffy (and it is frequent to the detriment of itself).

Eventually, such situation begins to look like non-failure operation and full disinterest itself favourite and private life. Therefore on a family council (my husband does not consider me as the bitch too, but can award with a similar epithet of those who try me I pardon - good to operate to suit the own ends) it was decided to make the list of those situations when I can behave on - shitty, but as the bitch of not to consider.

So, you the artificial bitch if you

Refuse to the person his request if it really for you is exigeant.

For example, my friend Apollinariya (two P and one L) asks me to meet at the station of her friend as I I live closer and it is simpler to reach the station . Of course, I can be winded on Wednesday the half-fifth morning to the station, give blessed girlfriends a cordial welcome, and then angry and sleepy to dopinat itself before work, to fill up the report for November, and houses to shout at the husband and to tell that it it is guilty of everything, and further according to the scenario

But I can it and not do! Here in what paradox - I CAN satisfy a request, but is not OBLIGED!

If the request coincides with opportunities, mood and desire - carry out and if is not present - can, It is necessary to tell about it directly? Only at the time of refusal you should not go into details, to explain its reasons and to justify. It will only create a reason for excess disputes and discussions.

You will be surprised how quickly the brother - the parasite, the idler - the chief or the girlfriend Apollinariya will go to look for somebody more trouble-free.

You demand what by right is necessary to you.

you Remember a proverb Impudence - the second happiness ? Sometimes it very much is even vital.

promised you an award and day of a compensatory holiday for processing during week-end? The shop told that this jacket from absolute viscose, and actually it was a synthetic fake? The travel agency promised water aerobics, and how it became clear, in hotel even of the pool is not present? In cafe you ordered strawberry with cream, and instead of it brought apples? Safely call the waiter, the administrator, the director and other employees bearing responsibility for this crying shame!

Only it is not necessary to row, complain, frighten all by the fact that they do not know yet whom they contacted and to threaten with court. And that you risk besides bitches to be awarded with not less unpleasant nickname hysteric woman . At once offer options which could reconcile you with this injustice: the vase is fresher than some strawberry from cafe, a card on a discount in shop, free excursion from travel agency and the promised award from the chief.

You do not want to reconcile with a role general " vests;.

It is indisputable, I accept and I understand Apollinariya, Tonka, Natasha from the next department, the neigbour woman Masha They have problems with weight, with fellow workers, with the beloved, with money But it in the first 125 times! But why on 126 - y I involuntarily begin to think of own composure and mental health. Such picture in my understanding - only a perevalivaniye of problems from the sore head on healthy, and I wash also only!

You have the same? And why not to offer all (well, at least several) the sufferer to handle the problems to the expert? Perhaps the dietitian, the specialist in selection of shots or the personal psychoanalyst will cope with problems far better if you did not manage to find a way out by infinite talk at a meeting female Council of War ?

You remind of debts. Somebody borrowed

to N at you it is a little money to a salary . Here only to what, did not specify. There passed one month, the second, already nearly half a year dropped, and money is not going to return N, seemingly. And you on - silent begin to be angry. Still! For krovnozarabotanny you worry, and here hesitate to remind about a debt.

Perhaps you should not bring a situation to white heat? Directly ask about when N returns due. If he asks about a delay again, and you do not intend to wait any more, suggest to repay at least a debt parts in the stipulated terms.

At all you should not hesitate to ask the and to recognize that it is unpleasant to you to communicate with the person who did not repay a debt after several reminders.

You say that to you not to liking.

situations when the chief, the girlfriend, even hotly darling very strongly irritate with something Happen. Besides - even enrage. All your grimaces and hints avoid it, and everything that you need - to swallow neperevarimy, to smile and suffer - to suffer - to suffer. But it is so possible to naterpet grandiose scandal with a ware beating, removal of all working information from the hard drive of the computer, irreconcilable hostility with the girlfriend and a heavy depression.

Better from the very beginning accurately and clearly to let the person know what specifically does not suit you, and at the same time at all not to be the bitch. For example, explain to darling that you should not wash socks your almond face foam, and at once put the chief into place that to wash circles from the remains of his coffee on 8 times in the course of the day does not belong to your duties.

You do not wish to play a role of spare option. If hotly darling says

to you that you will go to cinema only provided that none of his friends will agree to keep it the company on Saturday on a match, and the girlfriend reports that will call back concerning cafe as soon as specifies what is done by her guy this evening think and whether you are ready to wait for half a day of their call to hear then one phrase in both options: Sorry! But today Seryoga told that he is free

As soon as you were put in waiting list for expectation or suggested to play a role of spare option (here bitches!) it is worth smiling and to tell politely: Do not worry! Today I will go to the cinema one, and we will meet you another time . Perhaps, so the person will have an opportunity to look in a different way at your relations. And you will have a chance to reflect whether and real she is a girlfriend (or the friend) if agrees to spend evening with you only because nobody offered anything more interestingly.

You have and you defend the opinion. we Will assume

, all ladies at work suddenly conceived ardent passion to sushi, your blessed claims that Dontsova`s detectives - are the textbook of life, and mother - the great venerator and the follower of all systems of clarification of an organism from parasites.

But you consider that crude fish - rubbish, Dontsova - is boring (what a difference for Winnie - Down!) and talk on parasites causes involuntary reduction of smooth muscles of intestines.

Why there is tasteless, to admire ugly and to read uninteresting? Safely say about what is pleasant to you, openly express the opinion, and suddenly you will notice, as you will have many allies!

And eventually - on a general background of hobby for science fashionable now stervologiy just be not a bitch! Be a sure and strong woman which nobody to dare to call so unflattering word!