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What there is a trust management?

Trust management - activities for management of the investor`s assets. The managing director accepts decisions on purchase or sale of securities independently, but acts within the strategy stipulated at the beginning of management. Such is value of such financial term as trust management.

the Example of such management is quite simple. Any person can deliver the property in trust management to other person. This person is called trustee. Transferring the property, the person does not transfer the ownership. The trustee has to operate only property for the benefit of the owner or the third party specified by it. The contract of trust management in which two persons appear is signed. Founder of management and trustee. The first gives the second property to management, for the term stated in the contract. The confidential person is obliged to exercise control for the benefit of the founder of management or the person specified by it. The rights for real estate (on the terms of trust management) are registered only on the basis of documents, that is the contract or by a court decision. The contract on transfer of property in trust management is signed in writing. At the same time concerning real estate - in the form provided for the contract of sale of real estate. Transfer of real estate to trust management is subject to state registration in the same order, as transition of the property right to this property. If forms of the contract of trust management or registration of transfer of property are not observed, then the contract is considered invalid. also many buy by

real estate abroad. It is considered favorable and successful investment of capital. The inaccessible cheap mortgage in Russia is offered to our compatriots. The fact that abroad there are companies which undertake all cares on the maintenance of housing is very important for our citizens and are engaged in property rental without participation of the owner. In the Czech Republic, for example, such service called by trust management. Trust management is a situation when the owner of real estate transfers the right of the order the immovable property to the managing director. The managing director in turn watches not only watches a condition of the apartment or house, but also conducts active work with real estate for obtaining the income. The correct registration of lease contracts, control of housing and residents, timely payment of utilities, repair - will resolve all these issues instead of the owner on the basis of the contract the company which signed with you the contract on trust management.

of Agency on real estate, in our country, is engaged not only search of tenants, but also is ready to serve your property, the apartment. The company will watch technical condition of your housing, undertakes to undertake all kommunalno - the household problems arising during operation of the apartment or the house. You will need to pay only a monthly payment for the provided services. It is clear, that all people are very exacting and expect the maximum comfort for that money which they pay. Is not important what problem: whether flooded you, or all - navsy the crane leaks, the owner has the right to demand the fastest repair and elimination of a problem. These agencies offer

a set of useful services.

For example:

- clear-out before leasing;

- a possibility of renting an apartment without presence of the owner;

- rent payment control;

- the solution of any arisen technical and household problems;

- the mobile help of repair crew of Agency;

- payment of monthly payments for utilities, phone, satellite television;

- settlement, connected with possible damage of property by the tenant;

- granting the round-the-clock phone of the hot line on order taking.

If property is on sale, then all problems are solved by the confidential person.

These services only develop, but it is favorable to already much to use them.