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Kindergarten, grandmother or nurse? What to choose for the child?

Seldom happen so that the family is able to afford luxury of house parental education of the child to school. As a rule, if not through one and a half, then in three years after the delivery mother comes to work. It was necessary to make the decision - who will be with the kid during its absence. Options usually happens three: grandmother, nurse and kindergarten.

It should be taken into account all three options.

Grandmother. the Convenient option which is not demanding big monetary expenses. But think how the grandmother will be able to develop the child, to train him? In such years the child absorbs everything as if a sponge. It needs to develop creatively, to develop memory, sharpness and to learn to communicate with surrounding people and all world around. And the grandmother will be busy with the affairs, to watch TV while the child will be provided to himself, will not study.

Also grandmothers, as a rule, adhere to the old customs of education which are not accepted already for our world. Because of education of the child between parents and the grandmother very often there are conflicts, and not many can constrain emotions and begin to sort out the relations directly in the face of the kid. Think why to you and your child such hassle?

Nurse. Speaking about development and training of the child, not again. Whom will the kid see? The nurse, you and still some children playing on the platform. And that will communicate with them it no more couple of hours in day. And it is not enough. The person has to get used since small years to society, get on with people, find with them a common language. Besides choice of the nurse very complex challenge. Now meets too much bad people who will not stop before anything, wishing to receive as much as possible money.

Quite often we hear frightening stories about how nurses took children while parents at work, and went with them on electric trains, asking about the monetary help to single mother. And what good will be received by the child from such walks? Of course not all nurses identical. There are quite decent people providing the highly skilled help at education of the child. Only such person still needs to be found, and for this purpose you will need to check his formation, the former place of work, length of service with children, letters of recommendation.

Of course, there is a certain group of children who cannot visit kindergarten, for example children who often are ill. For such kids it is possible to employ the nurse. Though for many it is too expensive service.

The third option, it to send the child to garden . It is the most acceptable. But not so - that is easy suit the child in a garden presently. It is necessary to stand in line in advance. At a garden there are a lot of pluses. In such establishment the people having pedagogical education work. If they work in a garden, so they are capable to come into contact with children and have experience of occupations with them. In kindergarten your child will be able to develop and communicate. Also in gardens children have preschool training which helps them to study further at school.

Each parent himself has to solve for himself that to him to choose. But, if you have a grandmother, it does not mean that the child by all means has to stay at home. Nevertheless the garden will help the kid to develop versatily.