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How to get and bring up a Yorkshire terrier? Part 1. Purchase of

For a start it is necessary to remind that the Yorkshire terrier is such little hairy and very cunning animal with a charming bow on the top of the head (either over an ear, or over eyes - as will pull down) and long silky wool (which, by the way, does not cause an allergy, but demands daily combing).

And so. You dreamed to get a dog long ago, but in the one-room apartment would obviously not be enough for the Labrador of the place? And here. that is yes - I will give! The attention was drawn by a small cheerful lump of wool. And still friends told that this doggie is extremely bright, good itself, is benevolent and courageous. And you agreed...

Of course, it is better to buy a puppy through club. There and recommendations about leaving will be made, and council at a difficult moment will help. But! I advise to consider - the club takes away percent 50% of puppy cost. So... there - there - to Tats... prepare an excess feature of dollars! Because dityo good parents even according to the newspaper announcement are costed by about one thousand conventional units.

If superfluous zelenenky in the house it is not observed (point a finger at whom they grow in a flowerpot), then announcements can be checked. Options meet not too bad at all. An indispensable condition at the same time, the nobility - for what is necessary a doggie. If for a reproduction and the subsequent sale of puppies (Think! Shchenochki on a feature - cannot work at all) - then it is necessary to take the girl (strangely enough), and more largely. Kilogram 2 - 2,5 in 4 months will approach! Horses (3 - 3,5 kg in 5 - 6 months) cheaper. But also their posterity will be quoted much less. If you plan to drive a doggie for exhibitions and in every possible way to brag of it, then its weight has to be about 1,5 kg. My psinka in 5 months weighed exactly 1,5 kilograms, bore a proud name of Jennifer and miraculously jumped on a bed. Boys the it is less, the better - will be more demanded! 4 - 5 months - optimum age when also vaccination is already done by the manufacturer (it is not necessary to stick out in a vetklinik), and the child already grew up.

If the weight, age and the price of future pet, and also a voice of the manufacturer were pleasant - a purse in teeth and forward! Stands still to look at animal mother, his bite and a condition of wool. Teeth have to be rovnenky, top act for lower (as at the person), canines are crossed. The hair is soft, silky. It is possible to look at a color on mother and the photo of the father. Do not try to guess, all the same peretsvett (will change, in sense). Puppies of a Yorkshire terrier usually bright and mobile. And very loveful. If at the first meeting his pink uvula slobbered above the person - you found each other! But if the animal is not given in hands, runs away and does not want to communicate with you categorically - you should not hope that he will get used. Look for other manufacturer better. But do not worry and be not engaged in self-flagellation - it happens. Just there is no contact.

So, the most important transaction in your life took place! Also it is black - the golden lump already surveys apartment corners. Further the antagonism - who in the house the owner will begin. Do not give in! Blinking by huge black eyes, peep and squeal - all this for nervous. If you give in - prepare for hysteria and the pet`s pamperedness. Will write where wants, to shout - in an occasion both without, and against violence to strike mercilessly. I once fed the Jannie from a hand. So she then all evening stood near a bowl and barked Give! . Did not give. I hear at night - crackles. I am a boss!

About food. The choice for you. Or rice with vegetables, a liver, a boiled chicken and a turkey, cottage cheeses, smetanka, kefirchik, vitamins, additives, stones. To it add diarrhea, a diarrhea and vomiting, slightly that not that was eaten. Or - the balanced dry feed. And continuous charges from all acquaintances of cruelty and malignancy. Phrase Itself would eat crackers already I perceive as hum of a fly.

From the first day it is necessary to get used in enthusiastic cries on the street. Uti, small! Watch what ridiculous! Oh, with a bow! and to that similar snivels will accompany you and your loyal friend during walks and trips. It too - by ears!

The main thing - together! Always and everywhere! Because there is no wish to leave this treasure for a minute