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What color word mother ?

Galina, Tick, young daw, Gala. My friend who does not exist any more. Eccentrical, unpredictable, sometimes intolerable in communication. Real. Trustful childly and shitty to horror. Lived only 42 years, and all in search of love and happiness. Bright ballerina and strange woman. Given birth to the child in 38 years, after the hardest operation which almost took away from you sight. Despite of bans of doctors. Also the miracle with an expressive name Georgy was born. Pobedonosets. Yours, young daw, main victory. The first victory from many. It was necessary to feed the child, and the man who so expected this baby was safely dissolved in space. My first shock. Because well Jews of the children do not throw!!! It appeared, there are exceptions. And among mothers there are exceptions too.

Retreat, not lyrical.

Having visited once Children`s home hardly anyone - nibud it will forget. Houses with what sonorous and beautiful names they were not called, will remain sources of our pain and a shame. They are different. Slightly better or slightly worse than the level of hopelessness and survival. For people long ago not news that conditions of preservation of life of children are beyond the scope of impossible wretchedness and poverty.

Many mothers would give everything, having looked in eyes of the thrown child. And there is a lot of also mothers at which will there are these children here. The women throwing them as unnecessary freight, who are running away from ambulances without having made out even color of these eyes. Blue, as sky, green, like cardboard, black, as night. And gray, as melancholy. Different. And mothers adopting these children, too different. White, swarty, absolutely dark, lonely, having many children, poor and rich. But equally worthy words Mother .

Retreat is tragic.

Cancer. Almost sentence. Why the destiny spares one, is already ruthless to others? Hospital, operation, horror of chemotherapy. Terrible weakness and rage on own powerlessness. Terrible leanness and the dropped-out hair. As you laughed at yourself, similar to the little plucked birdie. A fright in the opinion of the four-year-old son whom you preserved against dangers with an instinct of a wild cat. A young daw, you did not throw the child. You struggled with an illness to the last. The cancer tumor did not spare you. Your first and last defeat.


Georgy was not sent to Children`s home. It is raised by the wife of the brother of Galina. Raises as the, and loves on an equal basis with the children. Because she knows that other people`s children are not. And little Georgy will be surely happy. Because it has Mother who already in Heaven, and Mother on Earth.

I will tell you what color the word mother . It colors of Love and Nadezhda.