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How the son of the Tobolsk governor was deprived of the nobility? Alexander Alyabyev`s destiny of

Having asked any a little - malsk of the educated person who such Alyabyev, almost for certain it is possible to hear that it is the author of the well-known romance Nightingale . It indeed. However, the composer left a creative heritage from 450 works, including operas, ballets, processing of folklore of Russian, Bashkir, Kyrgyz etc. But very few people know that Nightingale on A. Delwig`s verses it was written in prison.

How left what the well-born nobleman, the brilliant officer - the participant of Patriotic war of 1812 and the subsequent campaigns of the Russian army, up to capture of Dresden and the entry into Paris awarded for services in battle the talented and famous musician, ended up behind the bars? In two incomplete years after resignation from military service, in 1825 - the m, for Alexander Aleksandrovich came fatal day on February 24: during an invited dinner in the house he at a card table called the player, the Voronezh landowner Vremev, the rascal and gave it a slap in the face. Refusal of the loser to pay a gambling-debt to whist served as the reason.

In several days Vremev went to the manor and on the road died. Alyabyev was incriminated by a beating and opened criminal case. He did not doubt at all that misunderstanding will be allowed quickly, however the consequence dragged on for three long years for which the prisoner in a crude and dark chamber caught rheumatism and began to lose sight. Efforts of elder sister Ekaterina Aleksandrovna (on coincidence - the full namesake Katenka Rimskaya - Korsakova with whom Alexander was in love) brought a piano to a chamber, and music was the only thing that brightened up sad loneliness of the prisoner.

However, he was visited by the loyal friend, the composer A. Verstovsky with whom they together wrote the music to opening of the Bolshoi Theatre which is solemnly executed less than in two months prior to arrest. Verstovsky took new compositions from Alyabyev and transferred to theater. Nightingale made grandiose success. It is more habitual to us to hear it in female vocal execution, but for the first time the romance was executed in the Bolshoi Theatre by Pyotr Aleksandrovich Bulakhov in a concert - a divertissement (January, 1827) .

Court, without having managed to prove fault, nevertheless, pronounced a sentence on which Alexander Alyabyev should pass civil execution, to lose the nobility, war decorations, property and to be sent into exile there where he once spent the happy childhood, to Tobolsk: the convict the son of the former governor returned home, it is a lot of made for edge: opened seven national schools, theater and free printing house. Democratic moods, for half a century before cancellation of a serfdom Alexander Vasilyevich Alyabyev, the valid councilor of state in general reigned in a family, released the Vologda peasants in free plowmen (1806).

Brought up in similar traditions, Alexander Aleksandrovich adhered to them all the life. He was close to decembrist circles, the closest friend (and the fellow soldier) was at Denis Davydov, was on friendly terms with N. Ogarev... And the sentence - that to it was declared on December 1, 1827, i.e. shortly before the second anniversary of revolt at Senate Square.

Elder sister did not leave the brother also here: it was sent with it into exile, cared, conducted economy and continued efforts about that to it allowed to be treated in the Caucasus. It managed to achieve in 1831. At first Stavropol, then Pyatigorsk. In Pyatigorsk destiny of a prepodnes to the composer a new surprise. But what!.

It happened absolutely upon Katenka Rimskaya - Korsakova, however, by this time she was already married, carried a surname of the Ryazan landowner Ofrosimov (by the way, the close neighbor and the friend Yazykovykh), looked after the sick spouse. This marriage was made at will of parents of Ekaterina Aleksandrovna and it was short-lived. In several years she became a widow/widower, and in 1840 married the person whom she loved since youth - for Alexander Alyabyev.

Its music sounded also in Russia, and abroad, but in the native Fatherland it was forbidden to enter a name of the composer in posters and most it was forbidden to be shown in the capitals. When the highest ban was broken by the musician, dispatch to Kolomna followed, the marvelous town near Moscow, however, at that time cholera raged there. Only in the summer of 1843 it on the Highest pleasure found the right to happen in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

He needed to live seven and a half years. The last years were difficult in the material plan: Katenka as a result of intrigues of relatives lost a state, and it was necessary to pay off with the debts which arose because for the pupil Leonila Passek Alyabyevy endowed worthy.

In 1851 Ekaterina Aleksandrovna buried the husband who did not wait for restoration in the rights of the nobility why he strongly suffered, in Simonov Monastery, and in three years followed it. In 1930 - m the monastery was destroyed. There are no graves on one of which the free little bird a solovushka was engraved, any more. And music continues to sound! And I loved you on Pushkin lines, and Poor on Berenger`s verses, and of course - Nightingale ...