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What gifts love Scales?

Scales (on September 24 - on October 23) are in elements of Air. Mobile and very balanced sign. The person born under the sign of Scales, sociable, cheerful, mobile. His head is always full of ideas. Accurate, clear thinking and staunch logic in reasonings. The main force of Scales - belief. It is judicious, cold and impartial. Usually does not give in to emotions. Very much loves freedom in everything.

What to present to Scales? The woman - Scales is so clever that she will surely hide this gift and will never state the indignation concerning an objectionable gift. Do not abuse her patience! Any your gift has to consist of several parts. Scales quickly cool down, they need to give gifts doses, gradually, very skillfully. For example, to begin with a morning fragrant cup of coffee in a bed. After such gentle awakening she will unexpectedly notice a bright bouquet in beautiful packing. Be not limited only in the flowers - in this pleasant business also the fringing is important. Gifts have to be beautiful and are brightly packed, the bouquet is professionally issued.

Scales - esthetes in everything. Intimate walk, a romantic dinner by candlelight will for a long time be remembered to both the man, and the woman - to Scales. They love such gifts which remind them of darling constantly. The best shop for Scales - art salon. Pay attention to how Scales are dressed. At them it will be obligatory or beautiful, an unusual form a brooch or a hairpin on a tie. On their desktop even the support under phone will be executed artly and with taste.

Scales - a partnership sign. Therefore any things which bear in themselves memory of friends and the family will be expensive to them. An album or a framework for a photo, the mobile phone where they with pleasure will place the extensive base of subscribers. Scales are interested in society and all what is connected with it. Each gift has to correspond to their status in this society, has to be executed beautifully and issued artly.

Scales like to look best of all. And gifts are preferred by unique. Quite difficultly to please Scales. Men - Scales understand subarcology subtleties also well, as well as women. They with pleasure accept gifts from darlings with a delicate hint, only to clear two. It would seem, nothing for others not meaning thing, neutral, and to thin nature of Scales it is expensive to heart and carefully placed in the museum of memoirs

Scales only externally seem quiet and balanced. It is quite difficult for them to make the decision at once, they will long fluctuate before reach some compromise. They are mirolyubets. Like to dream and quite often leave from reality.

The ruling planet of Scales - Venus. It means that they have an excellent, distinguished taste and original thinking. Therefore they love all beautiful and graceful. Consider it at the choice of a gift. If you choose an interior subject - he has to fit into their habitual world. That is the abstract figurine from a bone will be apprehended by Scales as a sneer. In their house, in their opinion, classical style of an interior. Be attentive!

Scales - not fighters, they all life fluctuate between temptations and temptations. They are not able to refuse that inevitably leads to non-execution, indifference and as result, to a fault complex. Do not use their patience!

Scales above all are afraid of loneliness. The weak place of Scales - kidneys. Therefore be careful in gifts of drinks for sensitive natures. The spicy food and alcohol are contraindicated to these representatives of the Zodiac. They are esthetes and in food.

Present to the Scales a campaign on an exhibition or on a premiere of a new performance - and their heart will belong to you. The new novel in a beautiful cover or an antiquarian set of table silver. Gentle shawl of handwork or author`s suit. Picture of the famous artist or reproduction of classics of world painting in an original frame. New aroma in style of Scales - with musk, imbiryom and lilies of the valley. The laptop with a vintage modding. Travel to tropical countries in the winter. Fresh morning kiss. Scales will be proud of all these gifts. To please them as also to any other sign to the Zodiac, difficult. Put heart and soul in search of a gift, take my advice. Harmony between justice and truth will be found!

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