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How to send away the guy? The checked and original ways

of Appointment are, perhaps, the best way to spend time and it is pleasant, and it is useful. In particular, if it is about appointment to which you were invited by the ideal man. Present, dear girls that in Friday evening instead of doubtful pleasure to look through tearful melodramas on the TV you the pleasant prospect to go to restaurant or at cinema with the nice, clever and wealthy man who quite approaches under the description " expects; the prince on a white horse . For the sake of such gentleman not a sin and to leave work a bit earlier, and hour to lead two in front of the mirror with the curling iron in one hand and the hair dryer to another.

And here you such beautiful and happy approach restaurant where you are already waited by the man of your dream with a smile upon the face and with a rose in a hand. Eh, to dream, as they say, not harmfully, and sometimes it is even useful, but the real world is severe and quickly returns from heaven on the earth. And instead of the prince opposite to you a certain subject sits and all evening tells unhumorous jokes or reflects aloud over chances of our national team on soccer to pass in the Champions League. And you or unnaturally smile all the time, or vigorously nod in response to its sports monologue. As a result, evening is finally spoiled, your self-assessment is somewhere around a plinth, and home you go one as the newly made boyfriend lives on other end of the city.

Of course, at parting it is always possible to get off with the general phrase I will call you, and you call me and to leave the wrong telephone number. As a rule, your hint is understood, and you forget about such appointment as about a bad dream. But sometimes the person continues to try to obtain persistently the second appointment, and he calls, writes and even comes to you to work, exasperating you and your friends. In case you do not know how to behave in similar situations, I suggest to use the checked and original ways which will help to damp an ardor of the importunate boyfriend forever.

So, council No. 1. Pretend to be zubrilka . If it was not succeeded to get out of the second appointment, frighten off your satellite the ostentatious thirst for knowledge. For this purpose take with yourself a weighty small volume, it is desirable with the bright name it seems Fundamentals of quantum physics also read with the interested look all evening. In case to try to interrupt you, make scandal and report that knowledge it is more important than an idle talk for you about anything. Believe, even the most firm men will not sustain the competition to quantum physics.

Council No. 2. Convince the admirer that you are busy with the solution of world problems . Throughout all appointment with great feeling tell it about global warming, disappearance of rare species of flora and fauna, an overpopulation of the planet and to that similar things. Appearance is also important, try to look as it is possible otreshenny, also let hair down and put on glasses with yellow glasses, in general, the more you will be similar to hippie, the better. Some guys run away even earlier, than you begin to tell about world problems.

Council No. 3. Let it know that you it are not worthy . If at heart you the gentle and constraining person, then this way suits you, also it will suit those to whom the self-confident and vain man bothers. Just in paints describe to it yours wonderful character in which falsity, quarrelsomeness and greed is inherent. Or pretend to be the melancholiac and represent universal fatigue from this imperfect world in which it is absolutely impossible to live and furthermore to meet such remarkable guy as your satellite.

Now, dear girls, you approximately represent as it is necessary to behave in case you are bothered by importunate boyfriends. Perhaps, you should be rough and heartless, but I consider that it is necessary to arrive quite so if the person does not understand the word is not present . Besides, it is possible to practise acting skills and it is quite good to have fun, and it, you see, already much. I wish you not to meet such guys, and to find true love!