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Whether it is worth buying an electrofireplace?

What is an electrofireplace? It is the electric heater imitating a flame of the real fireplace. This ideal decision for those who like to sit at a spark but has no real opportunity to arrange the real fireplace in the small apartment. Agree, it is inexpressibly boring to be heated at a radiator or a fan heater, and here - fire illusion, imitation of a live flame, illusive light in the cozy twilight. Get acquainted closer with this remarkable device giving expectation of the fairy tale and real heat!

Fireplaces now in fashion. To have the real fireplace it is prestigious, beautiful, cozy, warm. But for this purpose it is necessary to have, at least, the suitable apartment. Five-storey apartment block it is a little suitable. The apartment has to be on the last floor, or to arrange a normal flue, it is necessary to get permission both at architects, and at firefighters and the consent of neighbors does not need to obtain. And it is very troublesome. Besides, the construction of a flue will involve huge costs of money. You are ready to them?

But, let us assume, you risked and built a fireplace. But it should be heated something. Whether firewood, whether coal briquettes, whether gas. Firewood and coal should be bought somewhere, to store somewhere and to deliver to a fireplace on the to a hump. Heating by gas is much more convenient, but, again - excess efforts appear - it is necessary to coordinate installation of a fireplace with gas-men. Other types of fuel are yet not so widespread.

If problems of the device of a fireplace came to an end with it, it was quite good. But, alas, they only begin.

As a result of combustion of fuel the mass of harmful substances is formed. Of course, practically all of them go broke together with a smoke, but something gets also to the apartment. Especially at bad draft.

Even the small number of harmful emissions can imperceptibly influence health of children, old men and people with diseases of lungs. You are ready to it?

By the way, according to the Ministry of Health, the wood smoke on cancerogenic properties is 12 times more dangerous than the same quantity of the tobacco smoke inhaled at passive smoking. For some reason very few people know of it.

At incomplete combustion of fuel poisonous carbon monoxide can get into the room. Of course, I can be objected that in our houses furnaces stood for centuries, and nothing terrible happened. It happened! Both poisonings, and fires!

In addition, the fireplace with an open fire chamber leads to sharp acceleration of air exchange in the apartment. Strong draft exhausts air, " warmly at home; goes broke and instead of it cold air from the street gets.

It is possible to list shortcomings of usual fireplaces for a long time, but article not about them, and about electric fellows.

To establish an electrofireplace no permissions, coordination and circulations on instances are necessary. It is necessary to go only to shop. And that is not obligatory. In our educated century it is possible, without leaving the house, to order the pleasant model on the Internet. To wait until she is brought and established. And all. To include and be heated.

Electrofireplaces do not emit carbon monoxide, cancerogenic connections, do not leave ashes and ashes. They do not need flues, ventilation, gas pipes.

They are compact and easy. For their installation it is not necessary to strengthen a floor specially. Unlike the real fireplaces, they not only can be put anywhere, but also to suspend on a wall, to transfer from place to place and even to take with itself, coming out to the dacha.

Wood fireplaces are warmed long, but can raskochegaritsya so that it will become warm is superfluous much. Huge advantage of electrofireplaces is their ability to give warmly instantly, and exactly so much how many it is necessary.

It is easy to regulate work of electric fireplaces. It is possible to include heating without flame and flame without heating. The last circumstance allows to use them not only during a cold time, but also in the hot summer.

On ensuring thermal comfort electrofireplaces do not know equal. They can have several modes of heating. And also to heat the room in a certain zone, without heating it where it is not necessary.

Their thermal fans distribute air on the room. The air stream goes to the room with a small speed that provides uniform distribution of heat on the room.

Even at the maximum heating of a surface of fireplaces do not overheat, touching them it is impossible to burn. Thereof and also because from electrofireplaces sparks and not burned down pieces of fuel do not take off, they are fireproof.

With what else attract electrofireplaces? They are significantly cheaper than usual. Several times.

Well how, were convinced that electrofireplaces are that it is necessary for you?