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Zippo - the untwisted brand or something bigger?

America begins " here; - such is a slogan of which inhabitants of the State of Pennsylvania are proud. In the same place, where America begins, also history of a world famous lighter Zippo - the subject which became a symbol of the United States began. More than 450 million lighters of Zippo are at the moment let out already. And everything began with small factory on boondocks of the city where only 6 people worked.

the Austrian trace
George Bleysdell is the native of the city of Bradford, the co-owner of firm on production of the elementary oil-extracting equipment, and future founder of the " company; Zippo Manufacturing Company since the childhood differed in aspiration to invention and an enterprise vein. Once, in times Great depression he saw how his friend Dick Dresser, wishing to light, tried to uncover the old Austrian lighter. Dick responded to George`s proposal to buy a new lighter, briefly: This works . George was dawned by idea: Lighter! Here that is constantly necessary for the person irrespective of his financial position! . Since then, Bleysdell constantly considered idea of creation of a line of the lighters available to everyone, and the main thing - reliable.

the First pancake - a lump
First Bleysdel decided that he will be able quite to be limited to resale in the USA of the Austrian lighters, bought a consignment of goods, but, he did not manage to sell any piece. Then George decided to improve a lighter design: gave to the case a rectangular shape, fastened the case and a cover of a lighter with an eyelet, thereby, having made a cover folding. Subsequently, a lighter with a folding cover and the characteristic sound made by it when opening became jewelry of many Hollywood blockbusters.

Advertising - the trade engine
was carried out Further the large-scale advertizing company, main counter which became a lifelong guarantee for all products Zippo. Besides, buyers were offered to test in every possible way Zippo on professional suitability . To bars and clubs the handbills suggesting to estimate quality of new production were by mail distributed. Thanks to active advertizing actions, in the first month 82 lighters with an engraving " were sold; Zippo .

of Zippo and war
in the conditions of military operations a reliable lighter is simply irreplaceable. Soldiers of the USA just swept away from counters of army shops of a lighter of Zippo. The lighter for the soldier was almost only source of heat, carried out a role of a pocket mirror, a signal light. It was used for warming of the frozen hands, and even for warming of soup in helmets.

By the end 60 - x years, practically each army connection placed orders for Zippo with the image of the identification marks. The company began release of lighters with emblems of all types of military forces, images of sketches from field life. Communication of the American army with Zippo Manufacturing Company by the time of the Vietnamese war already turned into old and close cooperation.

the Lighter as a collecting subject
Now about 75% of all lighters of Zippo are bought as a gift. Among these lighters there are copies made of pure gold, having a unique engraving.

The largest sum paid by the collector for a lighter - $18 000. It was perfectly remained model of 1933 of release bought at a meeting of collectors of Zippo in Tokyo in 2001.

In the world there are 14 official clubs of collectors of Zippo: five in the USA, two in Great Britain, on one - in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Holland and Switzerland. According to the official site of Zippo, every fifth owner of a lighter is a collector