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Stucco molding. What it is done of?

the Essential characteristic of a modern stucco molding are what for its production is used not only those materials from which it is possible to mold something - plaster, clay, a papya - Masha, cement, but also metal, fiber glass, polystyrene and polyurethane.

Really most often use plaster, polystyrene and polyurethane. Let`s consider them in more detail.

Plaster - one of the most ancient construction materials, in any case, the most ancient of which make a stucco molding.

It is surprising material. Its feature is that, stiffening, plaster increases in volume a little and therefore when filling a form gets in even the smallest deepenings in a relief. It allows to cast irregular sculptural shapes with high extent of specification of drawing.

It is possible to refer its ecological harmlessness and fire safety to advantages of plaster.

This material in itself inexpensive, but from - for labor-consuming installation stucco molding cost strongly increases. It is fragile and heavy that it is especially notable at production and installation of large details. But it is possible to make exclusive modelled products of it, without being limited to the standard catalog.

And in spite of the fact that the plaster stucco molding is rather fragile, it is easy to repair, restore, paint it.

In hardware stores most often sell decorative ceiling plinths and eaves from polystyrene. The made foam polystyrene called in the people by polyfoam is the cheapest material for production of a stucco molding.

Unlike a heavy plaster stucco molding this material is almost weightless that allows to mount products from it independently. It is expedient to decorate with a stucco molding from polystyrene the top parts of walls and a ceiling.

However expanded polystyrene is fragile, it is easy to damage it, it quickly burns out on the sun and can be painted only by aqueous emulsion inks.

A surface of products from the made foam polystyrene usually granular, a relief indistinct that becomes especially noticeable after coloring.

It is admissible if drawing represents only a number of speakers of parallel lines, but it is unacceptable if it is necessary to receive difficult drawing.

Abroad for production of a stucco molding use high-quality extruded polystyrene of high density which is deprived of the specified shortcomings and on properties it is close to polyurethane foam.

And, at last, the most perspective now material - polyurethane foam. Than it is good?

- It is convenient to work with it, easily to mount, it can just be pasted to a basis;

- he allows to reproduce a difficult relief and the sizes with high precision that excludes technological adjustment of details in the course of installation;

- he is firm and strong, steady against wear, does not fight, does not crumble, is not showered and does not burst. On durability and firmness does not concede to a tree;

- it is easy, from it it is possible to create volume elements of a decor, without being afraid that they will fall from - for own weights;

- it is steady against the increased temperature and its fluctuations, melts only at 300 C, and therefore can be in close proximity to lamps and heating devices;

- it is flexible that simplifies finishing of curved walls;

- it is not hygroscopic, is not afraid of moisture, does not razmokat from water, it can be washed and established in a bathroom;

- possesses high chemical and biological resistance;

- it is eco-friendly, does not absorb and does not allocate smells, does not collect dust, it allows to apply it where there are people having an allergy;

- it is resistant to an ultraviolet, does not change color over time thereof it is durable, it is possible to use it not less than 30 - 40 years;

- it is easy to paint it in any desirable color or to laminate. The polyurethane foam painted in white color is visually indistinguishable from plaster.

Its advantages can be listed for a long time, but already told enough to draw a conclusion that from modern materials polyurethane is most suitable for creation of modelled compositions. Exactly thanks to polyurethane the stucco molding expensive earlier became widely available.