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What is remembered more - pleasant or unpleasant? When once again me thoughts about my former, once hotly favourite guy began to overcome

, I reflected: why suddenly in memory there were only positive memoirs and emotions, and all negative left on a background? To forget really unpleasant is a natural tendency of the person? What is quicker forgotten - bad or good?

In psychological literature there is no definite answer to this question. In psychoanalysis (Freud), for example, there is an opinion that the person is inclined to force out negative events of the life from memory. Therefore unpleasant is forgotten quicker or if it is more correct to tell, is forced out in subconsciousness of the person, there, where consciousness of the person not in forces to consider an event. It is a peculiar protection because events which the person not in forces to accept or realize owing to some moral principles or outlooks on life are subject to replacement.

According to other psychologists (Blonsky), pleasant the person forgets in shorter terms, than unpleasant. Anyway, more emotionally rich event will be better remembered, than emotionally neutral, and what of events - pleasant or unpleasant, will be remembered depends already on what is more actual and significant in each separate case. Thus, the event which is connected with end of what already lost the value for the person, will be forgotten much quicker, irrespective of coloring (white or black). To the contrary, the event will be remembered longer if it is connected with what is still live in soul of the person, is actual for it if what wounded the person, continues to take place in his life.

Besides, storing of pleasant or unpleasant events depends on character of the person. If the person is optimistically ready, loves life and can find pluses in any situation, then in his memory, of course, there will be positive events. To the contrary, if the person - the pessimist, then, remembering negative, unpleasant situations, he will be convinced once again that life - the disgusting thing, and suffering is a cross which it is forced to bear all life.

It is necessary to consider also some other features. For example, if the person is ambitious, then he will best of all remember events which in a varying degree affect his personality. Some people well remember cases in which a certain trait of character is mentioned. These regularities concern both the positive, and negative moments of their life. At the person fixated on how people treat him, in memory there will be situations connected with expression of the attitude towards him someone the person having enormous will power can tell hundreds and even thousands of stories connected with when this will power played an important role etc.

Not less important when storing is also in what emotional state there is a person during this or that period. If at present time of people it is shipped in burdensome memoirs and experiences, then its attention will be focused on unpleasant events. In such situations speak: misfortunes never come alone . Actually it is quite probable that at the person the perception of the events just exchanged. If at the person creative rise, high spirits is observed, then it is more difficult to unsettle him, and in his memory pleasant events will imprint.

In our such difficult life in which bad and good, black and white, intertwined very closely it is very important to be able to see small pleasures and not to go in cycles in misses. Let life smile to you.