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What is aperitif?

Aperitif (fr. Aperitif , from the word aperire - to open) - alcoholic beverages for arousing appetite (fortress of 10 - 33% about.) often have a bitterish shade (prepare on the basis of Vermouth).

Aperitif - one of ways to occupy guests before a feast, to lift at everyone before food appetite. Aperitifs just also carry out this function: they promote release of gastric juice.

Aperitifs happen three types: unary, combined and mixed.

Unary aperitif consists only of one drink, for example, of Vermouth.

the Combined aperitif is the several drinks served at the same time, for example, juice and wine.

the Mixed aperitifs are all the known cocktails.

In Russia in a table (pretable) situation often aperitif call practically any alcoholic drink taken before sitting down at a holiday table.

To a formal dinner party offer in insignificant quantities vodka, whisky, cognac, gin, bitters, for dinner - strong wines of rare grades, bitters. Experts consider as the best aperitif Vermouth with ice diluted with fruit juice or sparkling water.

From the wines which are let out in the territory of the former USSR, any vintage wines, especially massandrovsky ports, the Georgian and Moldavian dry wines and other drinks can be aperitifs.

To aperitif it is possible to give snack. But only those which do not muffle appetite: fried and salty nutlets, salty sticks, fruit, are more rare - small sandwiches of a canape.

In recent years it became fashionable to give to aperitif grated salatik with hot spices. They are given in small small baskets from the test on small trays.

Arose aperitivny industry . Ahead, naturally, foreign drinks, for example Kampari - the Bitter on the basis of citrus and other plants painted by a carmine in brightly - red color. Not much more also ours lag behind. Likero - vodka distilleries of the country let out tens of tasty and curative drinks: Agnes " Aperitif; Aroniya Nevsky " Nectar; News Oranzh etc.

Aperitif can be created and most. There are recipes:

Olt Vodka - feshend

Vodka of-75 ml,

instant sugar - 1 piece,

balm (it is possible Riga ) - 2 - 3 drops,

mineral water - 1 teaspoon,

orange - 1 segment,

a lemon dried peel - to taste,

ice - 2 - 3 cubes.

On a bottom of a glass put a sugar piece, drip on it balm, lower 2 - 3 cubes of ice and pour narzan. Knead sugar a spoon, pour in vodka. Mix before full dissolution of sugar, squeeze out and put a lemon dried peel in cocktail, decorate with an orange segment.

Bloody Mary

Vodka - 1 part,

tomato juice - 2 parts,

lemon juice - several drops,

ice - 1 cube

If you want, salt a little, add mustard, a celery and slightly - slightly some hot sauce.

Drink has many options.

Vodka - " Martini;

Vodka - 45 ml,

of martini byanko - 15 ml.

Place everything in a mug for preparation of cocktails and carefully shake up.


of Whisky - 50 ml,

red Vermouth - 25 ml,

bitters (balm) Angostura - 4 drops,


tinned cherries.

Quickly stir up with a glass of chipped ice and pour in a glass without filtering. Add cherry on a stick.

Excellent to you appetite!