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Investments into precious metals - can be, it is worth risking? I Will risk to assume

that the global economic crisis, despite all those horrors which prophesy mass media for the present had no significant effect on purses of the ordinary Russian. Panic moods carry more theoretical justification today. And really. We already somehow got used to price increase. And this process is not something the avalanche also now, forcing us to rush to shops and to buy bags grain, flour, matches and salt.

The much bigger concern is shown at those who managed or plans to postpone some sum for rainy day counting not only on its preservation, but also on the certain gain compensating at least dynamics of inflation. And here the picture is represented rather gloomy.

Deposits to banks are not attractive to the population from for a long time - for very crushing terms. The offered profitability as a percentage covers inflationary losses only at introduction enough considerable sums (from 100000 rub and above). On the other hand, any of the banks which are persistently imposing us favorable conditions of a contribution is not guaranteed against bankruptcy. It is necessary to understand that the purpose of similar offers is only the gain of money supply allowing to prolong for some time an agony, but in any way not care of increase in the income of the ordinary investor. He agrees that the share of deposits of the population in a financial turnover of separately taken bank not so and is big, but, as they say, though wool shred .

Such ways of an investment of money as mutual funds , also did not meet expectations of the ordinary investor. Not only that the wave of the scandals which swept across Russia in the first half of 2008 considerably discredited concept of mutual investment funds, having actually put an equal-sign between mutual fund and the next financial pyramid. It entailed outflow of funds even from enough reliable funds when people broke off urgent contracts, in advance having reconciled to insignificant losses - if only not to lose bulk of savings and not to lose with a chipped washing-tub.

The subsequent events which were reflection of a global economic crisis in general nullified the estimated income of management companies. And it is good if investors remained at least at the interest. According to investfunds. ru, The Sharp depreciation of assets, withdrawal of funds by shareholders which are suddenly shown gaps in regulation put the Russian market of trust management in a difficult situation. This industry did not know more large-scale troubles yet. If so business goes further, then there will be nothing to operate and there is nobody - some portfolio managers " sadly joke;.

The situation in the market of actions also does not cause optimism. Of course, it is possible independently, to try to acquire them bypassing broker offices or to sell especially as this service is available practically in any savings bank. Yes only prices of oil fall, and stock quotations of such financial monsters as Sberbank or VTB, despite strong state support, steadily decrease.

The short-term raising of stock quotations of the domestic enterprises at the Russian exchanges initiated by actions of the state has no leading role. In - the first, restriction for opening of short positions - that is on sale of shares at the most favorable price works. In - the second, even when raising quotations the difference between the price of sale of shares to the population and its purchases from the taken place investor with interest eats estimated profit.

Besides, referring to the source called above, by our estimates, you should not consider this ascending movement as the beginning of a steady trend as indexes of Asian stock markets, first of all, stock quotations of the finance and energy companies, go up generally against government measures for decrease in rates of the interbank credit .

Thus, almost only option of saving of financial accumulation the investment into precious metals is today . However many spoke about loss of influence of the market of precious metals on economy of the certain state, It should be noted that dynamics of the prices of them differs steady, let and slow growth. And this is not about acquisition or sale of jewelry. It even investment to call very difficult as the prices of jewelry only in small degree correspond to the prices of initial raw materials. And today`s brand can quite be a baby`s dummy tomorrow, and on a high rank of antiques especially will not pull.

The domestic legislation assumes three instruments of investments into precious metals . These are ingots, coins and the depersonalized metal accounts. As for the first two, it is more minuses here, than positive sides. The sale price of ingots includes includes 18% of the VAT and is significantly higher than market price of metal.

For example, on 21. 10. 2008 the price of 1 g of gold according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation makes 672,69 rubles. The price of sale of a gold ingot in Sberbank of Russia - 1043 rubles for 1 gram. The buying price of the same ingot is established by Sberbank of Russia of 666 rubles for gram at it excellent a state and 653 rubles at satisfactory. Growth of the price of gold for the last five years made 87%. Therefore, at preservation of this dynamics the buying price of an ingot will exceed today`s price of sale somewhere in about 8 - 10 years. Hardly anyone - that will venture so long-term investments.

As for commemorative coins, there prospect foggier. Even they will not be of a great interest as are stamped if not by tons, then in hundreds of kilograms for certain today to collectors.

Therefore it is worth paying attention on the depersonalized metal accounts . Considering the short-term periods of reduction of prices of gold and silver caused by speculative game of large investors in the market of precious metals certainly it makes sense to open the account at estimated minimum price. Even it is probably necessary to give preference to silver as it more is technological metal, than jeweler and is in an increasing demand; respectively, there are no prerequisites for a collapse of its price.

It is thought that opening of the metal account on silver at the price of 8 - 9,5 rubles for gram is represented quite justified today. According to analysts, in the end of the year the price of the same gram can make 11 - 12 rubles, and in the first quarter 2009 - go - to 16 rubles. On extremely measure, it is possible to count on compensation of losses from inflation.