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What will we prepare from olives? Exotic jam and sweet curls!

I chose as the Main ingredient of today`s menu olives and even shared recipes of Amusing penguins and Tasty cakes. And that sweet teeth bore a grudge against me not, I will tell about what can be prepared from olives for a dessert. The most popular dessert from olives - jam, it is perfectly combined with cheese, for example, sheep or goat, and, of course, with pancakes...

Jam is made both of green olives, and of black. What to choose - to solve to you.

Jam from green olives

Ingredients: 500 g of green olives without stones, 1 lemon (as we will use a lemon dried peel, the lemon needs to be chosen with the raw skin), a half-coffee spoon of seeds of fennel, 250 ml of water, 2 tablespoons of anisic liqueur, 250 g of sugar.

For a start it is necessary to clean excess salt from olives, for this purpose we will put them in cold water for 2 hours, water needs to be changed regularly. we merge

Then water, we cut an olive, we spread in a pan. We add to them a dried peel of the whole lemon and juice of a half of a lemon. In a mortar we fray fennel kernels, we pour out in a saucepan, there we pour liqueur and water, we add sugar. We bring to boiling and we cook on slow fire within 30 minutes, periodically mixing. To check readiness of jam, it is necessary to pour out its small amount on a cold plate - if after 1 - 2 minutes jam thickens, it is ready if remains liquid, it is necessary to cook still. Ready jam we spill

on pure banks and we leave to cool down.

Jam from green olives with cedar nutlets

Ingredients: 500 g of green olives without stones, 500 g of cane sugar, 250 ml of water, 50 g of pine nuts, vanilla.

To lower olives in the boiling water for 2 minutes, then to merge water, olives to cool and repeat this procedure 2 - 3 more times. Sugar to dissolve

in water, to add an olive, pine nuts and vanilla. At will nutlets it is possible beforehand to podzolotit on a frying pan.

to Cook jam within 30 - 35 minutes on slow fire, stirring slowly. Then to spread out on banks and to leave to cool down.

Jam from black olives

Ingredients: 500 g of black olives without stones, 500 g of cane sugar, 250 ml of water, 3 - 4 tsukatik from ginger, vanilla.

As well as in the previous recipe we blanch olives, we relieve them of salt. Sugar is dissolved in water, we add the cut olives, ginger candied fruits and vanilla. We cook on slow fire within 30 - 35 minutes, without forgetting to mix.

Already ready jam can be used for preparation of various dishes, for example, here it:

Sweet curls to

to us needs ready puff pastry and jam from black olives.

We smear dough with jam and we roll up a roll. We put in the freezer on 1 - 2 hour that it hardened. We warm an oven. We slice dough thin, we put curls on a baking sheet with an antiprigarny covering and we bake in an oven within about 15 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees of Page. It is necessary to give curls warm.

These recipes are quite simple, but are original. They will surely bring a novelty note in your menu. Bon appetit!