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What will we prepare from olives? Amusing penguins and tasty cakes!

Since the early childhood I adored spinning in kitchen and to watch process by cooking, especially if as the culinary specialist the man acted. And when I married, I did not object at all against the husband will manage in kitchen.

My husband very much likes to cook, and at him it fine turns out. I get on a high stool in kitchen and, shaking legs, I glance behind action, photographing especially interesting moments. Or I am engaged embellishment its masterpieces. And as a bonus surely I receive something tasty still before we take seat at a table.

The father of my husband likes to cook too. Moreover, he constantly tries to discover new interesting recipes, and also buys various kitchen accessories facilitating cooking process. If I especially liked any dish performed by the father-in-law, I surely ask the husband to find out the recipe, and then this dish appears in our family. Neither the husband, nor the father-in-law recipes share with me therefore it is necessary to spy on them.

To us guests often come, and it is unexpected. In such situations very much help out products which can be given quickly to a table. For example, olives. Of course, they can be eaten just like that - very tasty and it is useful.

And if time allows, then it is possible to prepare one very interesting dish. Products it will be required practically nothing: soft processed cheese, equal quantity of big and small black olives without stones and carrots.

Amusing penguins to

did a longitudinal cut in a big olive and fill it with cheese by means of a spoon. It will be a penguin little body. We cut out from carrot pads and klyuvik. In small olives a wooden skewer we pierce a hole, we implant a beak there. Then we bring together a penguin on a skewer - the head, a little body, pads. The end of a skewer from above we leave rather long in order that to guests was what to grasp a penguin by. And further we give vent to imagination. We take a big plate, we construct on it ice floes from cheese pieces, we place penguins. Young men - to penguins can make scarves and caps of pepper slices, and to little girls fashionable hairdresses - horse tails from branches of parsley or fennel.

Such entertainment will delight both adults, and children, and will be remembered to your guests for a long time! And, above all - it is very tasty and even if you do not love an olive, all the same try, cheese and olives are perfectly combined so you can quite change the opinion concerning olives.

By the way, pastries with olives - surprisingly tasty piece! You never tasted cakes with olives? I will share recipes...

Cake with olives and a tuna

In a deep bowl we will mix 100 g of flour, it is a little salts and a razrykhrytel. Let`s make deepening, we will add to it 3 eggs, 100 ml of milk and 80 ml of olive oil. Now we mix and we add a tinned tuna in a tomato (we use the 2nd banks), 100 g of grated cheese and 160 g of green olives without stones. Again well we mix, we spread in the form greased with butter and slightly powdered with flour, and we send to an oven. Cake has to be baked at a temperature of 210 degrees With within 40 minutes.

Cake with olives and chicken

For preparation of this cake to us will be required to mix 150 ml of corn or sunflower oil, 150 ml of milk and 4 eggs. Let`s add 150 g of grated cheese, 200 g of flour here, the razrykhrytel, is a little salt and a turmeric that cake turned out beautiful color. Then we add the chicken who is previously fried and cut with cubes and 100 g of olives without stones. We spread in a form and we prepare in an oven at a temperature of 180 - 200 degrees With within 40 - 45 minutes.

Both the first, and second cake are perfectly combined with red wine, and with white dry wine it is possible to give this:

Cake with olives and almonds

to Warm an oven to 210 degrees of S. Peremeshat in a bowl 3 eggs, 100 g of almond powder, 200 g of flour, to add a razrykhrytel. Then here - 100 ml of warm milk, 100 ml of olive oil, 60 g of grated cheese and 160 g of the cut olives. To taste to add salt, pepper. To lay out in a form, to strew from above with almond petals and to bake 25 at a temperature of 200 degrees of Page

I do not know minutes how you, but personally I cannot do without dessert. About what desserts can be prepared from olives, I told in the following article.

Bon appetit!