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Why separate training of boys and girls at school is necessary? And whether it is necessary?

Recently I came across a number of the publications devoted to separate training of boys and girls at school. And this subject extremely interested me. It appears, the public discusses this question for a long time. In the country are even open schools - laboratories of separate training . As the director of National association of separate education Leonard Saks reports, the number of schools with separate training of boys and girls for the last 7 - 8 years increased in the USA more than by 50 times.

But why and for what? It is no secret that boys and girls develop differently. Many teachers and children`s psychologists claim that the existing " system; it is arranged under girls: they are more assidious, obedient, is given them " easier; cramming .

A of boys does not attract it, they go to school to communicate, hang out. It should be noted also some distinctions in cerebration of girls and boys. At girls the vyrabatyvayemost period is shorter, and boys enter work more slowly.

I working capacity peaks at them different. Boys need high speed. As soon as repetition begins, the attention of boys weakens. Fast speed disturbs girls. They work at step-by-step technologies better.

Competition well works for boys. Competition should be applied to girls very accurately, there is a risk all of them to start a quarrel. The assessment from outside is very important for girls, they take very painfully when someone criticizes them and compares.

needs to be considered and such feature - boys needs to be included in search activity, they work when character of questions better - opened when it is necessary most to guess, think, but not when it is necessary just to repeat after the teacher and to remember information. Them it is necessary to push that they opened regularity, then they will be in a tone during a lesson, then they will remember and will acquire material. That is they suit training through independent permission of a problem situation more.

of the Girl acquire better information when the algorithm when information is laid in the scheme is known to them. Usually for them it is possible to remember the rule or an order of operations, and then to apply it in similar standard situations.

Very figuratively my mother spoke on this subject: It is necessary to bring up since the childhood more mysterious relations between the sexes, but not a portfolio on a back - and then so on life.

Only, I think, now very few people think of it and therefore very few people will agree with such conclusions. Too long ago the general training is imposed .

According to " Fund; Public opinion on the basis of results of survey conducted on December 22 - 23, 2007 three quarters of Russians (76%) are negative to introduction of separate training of boys and girls at school, reports to REGNUM news agency. Only 9% of citizens consider that the system at which boys study separately from girls has more advantages, than the system of coeducation prevailing today. Another 15% have no certain opinion in this respect.

But despite all positive moments, the tar spoon all the same is present. Historically separate training developed before mixed. Nevertheless, now in society coeducation of boys and girls prevails. And in separate training there is the main shortcoming - it is possibility of problems in communication between girls and boys. That is at a lack of joint communication they can just not learn to understand other floor. And it, in turn, will create problems at formation of a family, in labor collective and t.

For this reason separate training is offered to be provided under the same roof - in one building, with the general changes, joint out-of-school actions and some joint lessons.

Thus, children have an opportunity to lose the most various situations of communication - both during leisure, and in business interaction.

But the main thing that school students (and their parents) always had a choice in what class to study.