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Why Medveditsa is called the Ladle?

As soon as do not call the brightest and noticeable constellation in the night sky: both Big Dipper, and Chariot, and Cart, and even Elk. However it has also one more quite famous name - the Big Ladle which was thought up, by the way, by the Greenland Eskimos. History this very old, but any of them with confidence will tell that all and was.

... So, in very ancient times there lived to himself in a huge snow hut the hunter by the name of Erioluok. There was it very proud and arrogant as was considered as the greatest hunter among Eskimos. On reason he preferred not to communicate with other brothers as he considered that simple Eskimos to it not a couple therefore one lived - odineshenek. However he had not to miss - every day he went shooting where he with constant success got different living creatures: walruses, seals and even whales.

Thanks to successful trade, Erioluok even managed to adjust enough - quite good business, seal fat was always very much appreciated in the Eskimo economy. Not only greased with it faces and hands not to freeze, and and used as fuel for the Eskimo lamps. In addition, Erioluouk manufactured morzhovy skins which were successfully used in design of the Eskimo rooms. And with livelihood of problems did not arise too, even when severe Greenland blizzards brought everything snow on hundreds and thousands of kilometers around. For the Eskimo there is nothing more tasty than air-dried meat which Erioluok had huge stocks. To put it briefly, the great hunter Erioulok rich, full, put, dressed and in general life quite satisfied was.

However Erioulok began to notice over time that in his barchelor life something is missing. In increasing frequency it caught itself(himself) on thought that somehow it is sad to come back to it every evening to not heated hut where, except morzhovy skins and air-dried meat, nobody waits for it. Erioluok understood that came it is time to marry to him. To understand - he understood that, but to realize good intention it appeared not so - that simply. Neighbour`s Eskimos davny - ceased to accept for a long time the proud colleague on hunting therefore searches of the bride among tribespeople were doomed to a failure in advance.

Erioluok became sad and went to pogrustit to the coast of the Ledovity ocean. There it was also noticed by Arnarkauagssak, the great sovereign of sea waters, fishes, animals and spirits holding at that time a position of the chief Eskimo goddess. It took an interest what such strong and self-assured man grieves for on what Erioluok laid out it in detail the pressing problem.

The Eskimo goddess decided to use the official position and to help Erioluok, having allocated it the good bride, the clear head, the beauty, economic and appeasable. However for the services, as usual among officials of any rank, asked a bribe. Erioluok had to find one far severe island, find there an ice cave in which there lives a huge polar bear protecting a ladle with the magic berries granting youth. The bear should be destroyed, and a ladle with rejuvenating berries to deliver to the goddess who not far off had a pension and the power there was no wish to lose.

Erioluok was the brave guy and hormones leaped too - there was a wish to marry quicker therefore having collected simple equipment, he went to win against a bear. And won, and quite easily and quickly, all - he was the true professional in hunting business. It in an integrity and safety delivered a ladle with berries to the old woman - the goddess.

The goddess gave to Erioluok a silvery seal who at him in hands turned back in the beautiful girl. Having looked each other in eyes, they understood that they fell in love up to the most Eskimo ears and quickly got married. The sea goddess ate all berries which were available in a ladle at this time and wonderfully changed, having looked younger on a two-three of thousands of years. Having seen itself young in an ice mirror, it on pleasures threw an empty ladle up, and it for something was hooked in the sky. So still also hangs there...

And if to tell any Eskimo that that bright constellation over the heads, at all not a Ladle, and Medveditsa, he will only laugh and will tell this strange story. You can check