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What it, loose tongue? Anatomic language with elements of a decor

Having devoted so many printing symbols to any different languages, I think, it will be dishonest not to tell about language in its habitual value - as an anatomic human organ.

Known saying Language - a stomach mirror speaks about importance of language for diagnostics of a state zheludochno - an intestinal path. Oblozhennost, color (sometimes language even becomes blue), a condition of nipples, existence of prints (no, not fingers, teeth) - all this speaks about existence of diseases of a gastrointestinal tract.

The huge number of flavoring nipples in language allows the person to define taste of food. we Will tell to understand taste of sweet candy it is not obligatory to fill it a mouth at all: sweet we feels a language tip. And here it is better to put sauerkraut to language sides: sour and salty taste while bitter taste can be felt only at a language root is felt as these parts.

Sometimes nipples disappear, and then grow repeatedly, and it leads to formation of red spots in language that has the frightening and name " difficult to pronounce; deskvamativny glossit and in a prostonarodiya - geographical language. Most often as the reasons of such variety of colors serve diseases of the digestive system, worms, a metabolic disorder, gipovitaminoz, hypererethism of nervous system.

Lyrical digression No. 1. Geographical language sometimes happens in extremely useful piece. I put ability in this concept not only to read maps, but also to be guided on the road that is especially demanded by people with topographical cretinism . Well I when and where it is necessary to curtail by car that here you will do do not remember! However, and I am not able to read maps, probably, it is time to enter the additional term. Some people language ruthlessly pierce

, place in it a small bar with metal balls and is proud call this piercing . A little doubtful ornament, for its demonstration it is necessary to look for an opportunity to put out the tongue, and the more often, the better.

Here in India give preference to more harmless way to become more beautiful - to chewing of the sir, which paints language in brightly - red color.

Lyrical digression No. 2. Language of jewelry. Everything in the same India exists the scheme of decoration of certain parts of a body and placement of the ornament is strict on charkas. Only in this case, Hindus consider, all types of energiya are harmonized and the condition of beauty, purity and sensuality of the woman is reached.

I at once

Lyrical digression No. 3. One more kind of piercing - a nose-ring though there was the whole language of rings earlier, those that put on a finger: The Ring on a little finger - his owner is not connected by bonds of marriage and yet it is not going to do. A ring on a middle finger - the person is skilled in love affairs. The ring on a forefinger - its owner is in searches of future spouse .

However, now such " language; it is not actual and indicative only in one case - if the ring is put on a ring finger of the right hand. It, a wedding ring, is capable either to destroy all dreams or to present hope for luck. At the same time it is necessary to consider that foreigners carry such ring on the left hand so it is necessary to consider both hands of the candidate very attentively. Just in case. Continuing by

the speech about anatomic language, once notes feature of its blood supply - in it there is the greatest number of blood vessels. For this reason tortures with cutting of language finished with death of the examinee (that who was tortured). It just choked with blood (horrors what should be described!) bleeding cannot be stopped, there is no vessel which could be pressed. But it in especially barbarous cases when language was cut off at the roots. Sometimes language was just shortened, cutting off its tip, pressing for a bleeding stop actually a language body. As a result of people lost ability to the articulate speech.

Lyrical digression No. 4. Final. In certain cases anatomic defect of language is connected with a short bridle. Usually occurs at children and is followed by problems with sucking of milk at babies or violation of phonetics (lisping) at more senior children. At the same time the child cannot take with tongue to the top cutters. Treatment is very simple, a little surgical: do a small cut under language, under local anesthesia and in the same day send home.

Attentive physicians on language diagnose a condition of other bodies: a language tip - heart and lungs, the center of language - a stomach and a spleen, lateral surfaces - the liver and a gall bladder, and a zone are closer to a language root - bodies of an urinary system and intestines.

At the same time it is difficult not to notice the fact that these zones have something in common with distribution of flavoring sensitivity of language of which it was talked above. Whether there is in this coincidence some sacral sense or it is casual? It is difficult to answer unambiguously. I can only tell with confidence one: All accidents are unknown regularities .

Be continued.