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Why so concerns us love at first sight ?

So the person is arranged that we got used to tell, tell, share news, to discuss some unusual events which happened to us or even to those who are not familiar to us. For the life we can listen to hundreds of human stories about cruelty, insidiousness, courage, self-sacrifice, pleasure, death...

Why in response to the history beginning with the phrase: They fell in love with each other at first sight we always with affection sigh, we smile, thoughtfully looking afar? In many movies it is possible to see shots when HE AND she meet eyes, and the whole world ceases to turn at this moment. It is touching and quite nice. Why?

We will begin with the fact that the main word in the phrase love at first sight - word love that is something mysterious, unusually fine and remarkable. What is love, nobody though this subject disturbs minds of people not one generation plainly can explain. Someone believes in her, someone not really, but only all would like to have the feeling similar to what is proud is called love.

Sing of love in verses, write novels about it, shoot movies, even devote the lives... For love feats are made, in fight for it all available means are used. Probably, the love is one of the few things for the sake of which to make nonsenses - it is noble. And if to say the phrase love at first sight the effect of told amplifies several times. Why? Really, why occurs so?! How there is a love at first sight? Suddenly, unexpectedly, suddenly.

To the person in general it is very important that he was loved. We cannot without love and support. And here this love comes unexpectedly moreover and irrespective of as far as you are bad or good. Comes as if a miracle. It looks very attractively for the person for the reason that we since the childhood, from generation in generations, are taught that happiness it is necessary to deserve. Many fairy tales are constructed that it is necessary to be good, hardworking, positive, and then everything will develop successfully and favorably. And in this regard, if we do not manage something in life, we sometimes think that it comes from the fact that we tried insufficiently that we are not too good to receive it that we did not deserve it. Therefore we also explain that someone has more than we, having made smaller amount of efforts, simple luck. I am a loser, I am not lucky - here a conclusion which usually follows from these reasonings. And it is quite logical that it cannot lead to anything good.

We forget that EACH person is born not to suffer and to be happy. We wait for emergence of a miracle, and the miracle already happened to us, this miracle - our life. Each of us deserves love. And it is absolutely unimportant, it will flash instantly, lighting everything around or will appear and will gradually develop, warming with the heat. Irrespective of on what road to you the love came, this feeling remains to the most beautiful and trembling.

It is only necessary to remember that all of us are given birth for happiness, for good luck and for love. Be not afraid to give, openly to express admiration and do not hide a smile. As it is sung in one children`s song: Share the smile, and it still will return more than once to you . Love and be darlings!