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The temporal power which is christened - it is good?

It is no secret that the official who visited church service, dawned on himself a sign of the cross in anybody will not cause presently extreme amazement any more. We got used to it. Nevertheless, to discuss this or that visit of the temple by the authorities by people and to express the opinion about it we as inhabitants, we do not forget.

On that they and public people that their acts became property of publicity and a subject of our discussion. It is natural. But how we treat it - positively or negatively? Our judgment is how competent? And whether our politicians who publicly, sometimes persistently position themselves deeply believing people correctly arrive?

Well, the reasons for that there can be a set, both real, and imaginary. But if it is interesting to us if we discuss it among themselves (and we discuss!) it is possible to wonder: actually, and it is bad or it is good? In my opinion, it is quite possible to answer for himself this question, without applying for a role of strict judges, and having just drawn several simple conclusions in the head. Let`s try?.

We will remember about 90 - x years. It were the times of troubles, all know about it. And all know that it were times when from former and old deputies, heads, officials and other, invested by this or that degree of the power, people the set " appeared; new - not former and not old . Suddenly banners were recoloured, new mottoes and slogans moved forward, the appropriate political programs were composed. To these people to remain in power (or to come to the power), urgently it was required as it is possible to separate further from everything former bad old - from the existing earlier social political system, from the ideology prevailing till these years. But as to make it if all of them were natives from there - children of that system which it was required to renounce to them urgently and publicly?

And here as one of the brightest and convincing methods of that time for electorate reception of designation of the person as person of the Orthodox Christian, believer loyal to Church began to be used. Why? Yes just because communistic ideology so glorified itself the cruel fighter against religion that it could not but work. Plus to that is the people sharply was eager for all fresh and new, absolutely illegibly being enough everything and sometimes mixing sympathies for sorcerers ill-matched and incalculable at that time and to healers with sympathies for orthodox priests. The need for something new and unusual fancifully mixed up with the latent thirst for spiritual clarification burdened by a complete ignorance of the main point.

Generally, the people wanted, and people from the power used it. Well it or is bad? Let`s assume that some master - the person possessing the power, holding a high position in society and therefore (by definition) being a certain reference point, an example for imitation for the ordinary person - the inhabitant, - publicly propagandized the loyal relation to religion. He visited services, publicly communicated with priests, externally adhered to a certain style of behavior. What it led to? Even if it internally was bad person but we did not see it. And what we saw? We saw that it propagandized the behavior, the slogans the conventional moral, cultural wealth which is inherent in Orthodoxy initially.

Thus, it turns out that this person even if using religion only for receiving the power in own purposes, propagandized the behavior familiarizing with high religious values, involuntarily filling the spiritual vacuum which developed for many Soviet years. In my opinion - it is better, than nothing. And if this person in the soul lay - it is a question of his conscience, his soul. But if to present that he could also strive for spirituality that it consciously propagandized all these values, then, you see, it especially is good.

If to speak about nowadays, then, you see, now it is not obligatory to shout at every turn of the love to Orthodoxy only at all to separate itself from any another authorities. But need for additional confidence that the person allocated with the power, will be kind and good governor remained with the people. And therefore the loyal relation to Church adds to the person additional trust from people, it to this power of choosing. And the additional trust will never prevent the person invested by the power. But then he becomes the involuntary hostage of the developing situation: it at least indirectly begins to propagandize those eternal values and ideals, the moral principles that religions are inherent. Even if it at the same time and not the religious person.

So, a public kind arrangement to religion from the persons possessing the power, their positioning of by deeply believing people - it is bad or good? As me it seems to

, it, in - the first, especially personal record of each official, deputy, head, governor, head of the government and President. And in - the second, all this is well and correctly. Such is my opinion as inhabitant and citizen of this country, as inhabitant and, certainly, as one of voters.