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Whether are ill walruses ?

to Most of people absolutely unclear that pulls walruses - fans of winter bathing - in ice water. And as it in general it is possible - nabultykhavshis in an ice-hole not only not to ache, but also it is fine to feel. Moreover, walruses even claim that to them it is not cold!!?? Yes what is it that occurs in this winter font? Perhaps they are in general any aliens?

Absolutely not, any not newcomers. Walruses - ordinary people. Of course, they are, as a rule, healthy and tempered, but nothing human is alien to them. And diseases in their environment meet, from them nobody is insured. Let`s try to understand as there is a bathing and as the organism reacts to it.

Usually people plunge into water for a short time, for about 10 - 20 seconds. It is more already dangerous though the thrill-seekers swimming on several minutes meet. Which - who is dipped with the head, but the majority sets into water up to a breast or up to a neck.

Ice water causes the strongest shake-up of all organism beginning with blow on skin receptors. Alarm signals make active nervous, hormonal, immune and other systems.

Thermal control changes. Sharply development of heat increases, there is a spasm of skin vessels therefore the thermolysis decreases. The organism is warmed, internal temperature increases while skin is cooled.

Mobilization of protective mechanisms allows to avoid overcooling, colds also are even provided by regress of many chronic diseases. Efficiency of processes is influenced by the water temperature in which the person bathes. Protective properties of an organism at the water temperature close to zero are most powerfully shown. At higher - 5 - 7 degrees - the warming up joins more slowly, and there is even a threat to catch a cold.

Bathing in an ice-hole causes changes in mentality walruses . The endorphins influencing cells of a brain are thrown out blood. The mood is lightened, easy euphoria appears. There is a feeling of inflow of forces, cheerfulness and psychological comfort.

That walruses are not ill at all, it is, of course, the myth. But morzhevaniye it is capable to cure and warn many illnesses, perfectly tempers an organism. Medical influence of low temperatures is recognized also as official medicine.

It is considered that if the person was not in time to dive into an ice-hole till 40 years, to it already late to be engaged in winter bathing. Walruses with an experience are skeptical about such statements. In their ranks it is possible to meet both old, and small and age to them not a hindrance.

Recognizing danger of bathing in a stage of an exacerbation of chronic diseases, many walruses give examples when only one immersion in a winter font helped to stop development of acute respiratory diseases.

They say that walrus there can be practically everyone. But in practice not everyone we is psychologically ready to to an ice extreme . Or perhaps and the truth to try? Br - r - r, I under - d - think