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Any news? Intermebel 2008 in Tel - of

it would Seem to Avivah what can be new in furniture? Table, chair, bed, case All is known from time immemorial, nearly from invasion of Huns. But it is all the same interesting! Every time something changes in an exposition of exhibitions, there are some new decisions, the old, long ago forgotten things revive And even brand new you will see, absolutely new (this happens infrequently!) .

Probably, everyone coming here wants to change furniture, a situation, and sometimes and style, to be updated. It is natural what wants to be learned and as the person will feel on a new sofa, on a new bed, in a new chair. You want to try? Please, you can lay down in footwear (and we to you laid naylon under legs)! And children want to feel a new mattress too? There are no problems, climb all together!

For children - expanse! They are given to acquaint with a new situation in the room, to choose furniture to taste (it concerns to teenagers rather). And the smallest - those just do not want to leave a bed which there is no house.

For been above teenage age - beds with loudspeakers, it is possible to listen to music with high quality of sounding. The system is built in a bed! And the binaural sound is! And that who loves to lie strongly much at the " TV; (this not my expression, I borrowed it, took in temporary use!) - the TV is built in a bed back. There was a wish to look - pressed the button, the screen rises from a back. Look to blue in the face! Turned blue - pressed the button, the screen went down in a back.

There are beds in " style; Gotha . Well, all black! Behind a small exception. There are interesting beds: dual (not double), each half rises the electric drive, under each half there is a box. I so think, it for women who have lovers. Next came at the wrong time - the mattress, and the lover there, rises by storage, in a box. And let to itself lies quietly. Can even have a sleep. And if, on trouble, still someone was declared (for example, the husband), then for the second - other same compartment. And the main thing - they do not see each other and about each other do not know.

There are tables for jealous men. They with a glass table-top. If it (table-top) is not closed by a cloth, it is possible to see freely that it is created under a table. You will not run up with caress!

And here essentially new decision for a computer table (and rather cheap - the main set costs about one and a half thousand dollars). It for those who sit at personal computers without budging from a place. It is possible both to cast away a back, and to move the screen, and an armrest to lift or lower. And under a palm you will have a special hillock that on a mouse fingers did not strain. The screen as if freezes up over the operator. And if it needs more monitors, than one - please, and it is not a problem.

The new scheme of registration of bedrooms - royal. Prostenko and with taste. And at once in royal family. In it something is: feeling of participation in royal life.

One more innovation (was not at last exhibitions) - a massage bed. Massage chairs - not to consider, fans of free procedures sit in them, try the different modes, pass from a chair into a chair, from firm to firm. (Very much can be, as will buy. At an exhibition everything is on sale, order - will get home.) Yes, about a bed. Set of functions: percussion, stroking, pressing, rolling Everything is remarkable! But when such bed appears at home, all acquaintances begin to flock - want to lie down and try! And to whom it will be pleasant?

The majority of exhibits - a modernist style, the present: simple lines, any to you baroque or rococo. But several firms give an idea of furniture from the past: thorough, magnificent, with a rich carving and expensive fabrics. If to speak about the price, then running start between a modernist style and old times (more precisely, semi-antique) is not so big. The old times are approximately twice more expensive.

If you have a taste and opportunities, you can pick up all. Of course, in one place it is difficult to make it: there is a bedroom, here the nursery, here a drawing room, here a study In total different firms. To them it is necessary to reach, find the necessary set Business is troublesome. And it is possible to use services of designers: they will prompt as what to put where and how to enter different objects from sets.

Also there is one more type of service, it seems to me, unique in own way. So, you have a house (apartment), there is a furniture, everything is placed, everything bothered long ago, there is a wish to change something, but you in difficulty: all would be necessary at once, but your consultants can do not everything. One specialize only in finishing, others - in draperies and bed linen, the third - in pictures and small plasticity As a result - there is no style!

Of course if you are close to oligarchs (not on relationship, on a state!) or you have at least half a million dollars on the bank account, you can order to yourself everything in some architectural workshop at once. Though here I am not sure that the architect will undertake such work - not really it matches its primary activity.

Where to disappear? I can inform you that in Israel the new type of service appeared: " Public service center;. It is salon in which there is everything: it is possible to pick up curtains, pillows, bed linen, pictures, small plasticity - and the hostess at whom, it is necessary to tell very good taste will help you to make it.

Everything that it has today, is closer to a modernist style, to present currents in registration of housing. She accepts for an exposition and sale of a picture, small plasticity, advises clients, attracting to this own architect (at a possibility of some changes in planning) At it it is possible to organize a personal exhibition - sale of works that is very attractive to those who are engaged in art.

Possibly, many remember such name " Public service center; in which repair shops, studio, hairdressing salons were brought together under the same roof Present " Public service center; it is conceptually other than the past: not to patch a hole, and to do the new house, new life.

Furniture exhibitions push to change of a situation, give rise to new desires, up to the introduction in royal family (at least at the level of inscriptions on beds)! And the most important engine of progress is a desire! The desire is beautiful to live, desire to live happily, desire to update not only housing, but also to be updated most! You agree? If is not present - forget about what you saw here!