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What table we lay for future mother, or Throw out the hamburger of

Pregnancy. the happiest and, at the same time, responsible time in life of each woman. Only 9 months are allotted by the nature that the new independent organism was created and such native and favourite little man was born. And we have to do everything possible that the kid was born healthy, only this way he will be able to become rather happy!

During pregnancy especially important the balanced food . As it is guarantee of receipt in an organism of all necessary vitamins and minerals, so - good health of mother and harmonious development of the kid.

So. Let`s talk about the principles of food during pregnancy.

First is healthy products . Time to refuse any chemical additives came: fragrances, dyes, stabilizers and others. Now on your table the healthy and fresh food has to appear.

The second is the mode . We eat 5 - 6 times a day. Gradually. And the more term, the less food we eat at one time then not to feel a balloon in 5 seconds before it burst .

The third is a variety of the consumed food . And here already pertinently to speak about a special food allowance (which, by the way, would not damage also to absolutely not pregnant persons). The balanced consumption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates will give you the chance to feel well, and to your kid to receive everything that it is necessary for it for growth.

1) Carbohydrates

Simple, digestible, such as: sweets, sugar, high-grade flour, candy stores and pasta, white fresh bread - have to make the most smaller part of your diet. We consume these products in limited quantity. Especially as sweet dishes and sugar help the kid to gain excess weight and to get excessively chubby outlines. And it is more difficult to give birth to tolstenky and tyazhelenky children, certainly.

Complex carbohydrates: grain, cereals, brown rice, coarse flour, grain bread, vegetables, fruit - these products have to be a basis of your diet as they promote digestion, well are acquired and are sources of a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

For the night we eat only thermally processed products, and it is desirable to use crude vegetables and fruit in the first half of day.

If is problems with digestion, we exclude fresh cabbage, tomatoes and apples from a diet.

We eat all types of fruit in 20 minutes prior to main courses or in 1,5 - 2 hours after food to avoid process of fermentation in intestines.

2) Proteins .

Surely have to come to an organism every day. As they - a basis of growth of your baby.

Meat. We use only dietary parts and absolutely we exclude mutton and meat broth. We eat soups only on a vegetable basis as meat broth (as well as fat meat) zagushchat blood, so, placentary blood supply can be broken. By the way, beef is a source of iron and is good for hemoglobin increase.

Fish. Will approach sea fat more deep-water as it contains more vitamin D, than in lean river (especially this council is addressed to residents of northern areas). Besides, fish is digested much more simply intestines (which during pregnancy and so are not in the most enviable situation), than meat therefore it is desirable to use seafood at least two times a week.

Fermented milk products help normal functioning zheludochno - an intestinal path. We use only fresh: one-day kefir, fermented baked milk, a snowball and yogurts with a small expiration date. The glass of kefir for the night small drinks helps at, forgive for details, locks which so often torment future mummies.

Cottage cheese is eaten surely as it is a natural source of calcium. Cheeses only firm mature, unsalted, not smoked, not sharp and, of course, not fused. We do not forget to include sour cream and butter which are rich with vitamin A in a diet.

Bean are very useful, but we use them only if everything is all right with digestion as they quite difficult are digested intestines.

Also sources of vegetable protein are any grain, mushrooms, seaweed, products of beekeeping and nuts.

2) Fats.

Have to make insignificant part of your diet.

Animal fats is limited as they change properties of blood. We already spoke about it.

Vegetable fats, on the contrary, improve blood fluidity. We use vegetable oil only raw, not deodorized, not filtered (olive, sunflower, linen, cedar). We add to salads and fresh porridges.

Among other things, we limit consumption of salt , in particular, if you have a tendency to puffiness (salt promotes a delay of liquids in an organism). It is possible to replace usual salt with the potassium, preventive or cleared sea. The more we use the pregnancy term, the less salt. And your house it is optional to suffer from a saltless diet at all, just you salt already ready dishes directly in a plate. For the purpose of increase of elasticity of fabrics in 2 weeks prior to childbirth salt can be excluded in general.

As drinks

it is better for b to use fruit drinks, compotes, kissel, broths of herbs (only those herbs which application is authorized during pregnancy). It is, of course, not desirable to drink tea and coffee, but if there is a strong wish, then we do it in the first half of day. Completely we exclude the aerated and alcoholic beverages.

Freshly squeezed juice (apple, carrots, beet) can serve as excellent prevention of anemia. The only nuance - we use only them in the morning on an empty stomach and no more than two glasses a day.

As for vitamins and additives . Doctors strongly recommend to drink polyvitamins, but it is authentically known that artificial vitamins are badly acquired and mostly are brought from an organism. More natural options can be found among the range of dietary supplements which will help to fill all shortages of food. Though before reception, of course, it is necessary to consult to the expert.

And in general, lovely ladies, pregnancy, as we know, is not an illness! It is the fine period in your life to change themselves to the best: to begin to eat properly, in time to go to bed, receive positive emotions, to join art and, of course, to be adjusted on a wave of the lightest feeling in the world - motherhood!

of the good health to you and your baby!